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Targeted eye mask with proven repair technologies and triple-layer fresh-delivery system reveals a fresh, youthful look in just 10 minutes

 Estée Lauder introduces its first-ever NEW Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask infused with Advanced Night Repair technology, plus a surge of concentrated moisture and soothing anti-irritants to rejuvenate the look and feel of the eye area after the stresses of modern life. Innovative, triple-layer fresh-delivery system results in high-performance eye pads that are saturated on application to offer a sustained release, targeted delivery for eyes. Fine, dry lines are plumped as skin is drenched in moisture that lasts for hours. In just 10 minutes, eyes look radiant, rested and renewed – awake with fresh, luminous youth.


The skin around the eyes is the first place to show signs of fatigue, stress and aging. That’s because eye area skin is 40% thinner than the rest of the face and therefore much more vulnerable to the stresses of modern life—long days, lack of sleep, environmental exposure, even pollution. These stresses can intensify common eye area concerns like dehydration, fatigue and lines. While daily eye care is key, eyes need an extra boost of moisture and skin soothers to feel recovered from the week past, renewed to face the week ahead.


NEW Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask delivers 20x more of Advanced Night Repair’s proven soothing, hydrating and repair ingredients[1] to the delicate eye area exactly when skin is most ready to receive it—at night. Eyes look brighter, more radiant and refreshed:

o    Instant Soothing: A comprehensive blend of 9 anti-irritants, including Lady’s Thistle and White Birch, helps immediately calm and soothe tired, puffy eyes. With every use, eyes look rejuvenated and radiant with new vitality.

o    Instant and Long-Lasting Hydration: Each eye mask gives eyes 8 hours of concentrated, dual-powered moisture. Skin is bathed in an intensified dose of Advanced Night Repair’s powerful multi-level moisture magnet, including Hyaluronic Acid, while Rice Bran Extract helps retain moisture deep within skin’s surface.

o    NEW Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask includes proven-powerful ChronoluxCB™ synchronizing, purifying technology, plus Anti-Pollution technology, featured in Advanced Night Repair Serum.


Each eye mask comes in a single-dose packette with two sealed chambers. The formula stays locked into one, while the pads are kept dry in the other. Only at the moment of application is the formula released onto the pads.

Exclusive to Estée Lauder, the triple-layer mask used for the NEW Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask is designed to drive the formula deep into skin’s surface for a sustained release, targeted 10-minute treatment[2]. It provides an extra-gentle cushion to the delicate eye area while the formula penetrates the skin. The fabric comprises three separate layers constructed through a high-powered water binding process:

o    Micro-Fiber Outer Layers: These top and bottom layers, create an extra gentle experience for the eye skin. Micro-fiber helps wick the formula from the core into the skin and provides flexibility and stretch so that the ergonomic eye-shape design fits perfectly under each eye and hugs skin’s surface, even around the complex contours.

o    Core Cellulose Fiber Layer: This inner core layer absorbs a precise amount of the formula allowing a sustained release once applied to skin that is just right for delicate eye area. This ensures the treatment duration is highly effective without causing irritation.


With just one treatment, NEW Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask leaves eye area feeling cool and refreshed. Eyes look radiant, rested and renewed. Skin is significantly soothed, and fine, dry lines are plumped as skin is drenched with moisture that lasts for hours. When used in regimen with the Advanced Night Repair eye formulas, this weekly eye mask helps repair visible damage to help resist accelerated signs of aging.

After just one mask treatment, 99% of women said their eye area felt more radiant, and refreshed with an energized look[3] — and 97% said their eye area looked more rested and less fatigued[4].


Apply Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask once a week at night on clean skin, or as desired, when eye area needs an extra boost. Press liquid chamber to break seal and massage formula into pads. Open packette, separate pads and apply one under each eye. Leave on for 10 minutes, remove pads and gently pat in any remaining serum. If desired, follow with eye creme. Tip: For extra refreshment, chill in refrigerator before use. Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask comes individually and in packs of 4 masks. Travel-approved. Proven effective for all ethnicities.

 Suggested Retail Price: AED 340 Availability: Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask will be available at Estee Lauder Counters from January 2017.