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3D Wooden Wall Coverings

CODE Showroom Vancouver introduces the handcrafted 3D wooden wall coverings – Code Showroom Vancouver introduced the new Matra Collection by Moko Interior, a collection of handcrafted, multilayered, 3D Wooden wall coverings that act like vertical sculptures

The design of the panels reflects the distinctive character and aura of matra. shaped by the forces of nature, this mystical world projects mysterious power and dominance.

CODE was established in 1996 in Budapest, Hungary. CODE offers craftsman quality and luxury European designer furnitures. As part of its brand extension pursuits, CODE expanded to North America, Vancouver. Code Showroom Vancouver focuses on the following distribution: Hungarian wooden Moko wall panels which embellish your walls with customized handcrafted wooden panels, which is the new black at the high-end of the interior design scene.

The other outstanding product, Betonicon – high strength fine-concrete panel – comes with up to date design in large slabs. It is detailed, personalised and customised project solutions. Last but not least the Italian mosaic tile and ceramics producers, SICIS, and Lea Ceramiche are choices in their selection. SICIS collections have prestigious creations, which supersede the function; it provides a visual sensation and artistic interpretation with a real catharsis. Lea Ceramiche creates floors and wall ceramics for in- and outdoor settings, serving a well rounded, diverse selection for their customers.