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4 Reasons Why Staying at Four Seasons DIFC is A Must!

Four Seasons is ranked one of the most elite hotels around the world. Four Seasons hotel Dubai International Financial Centre is surrounded by breathtaking, unobstructed views of the beautiful Dubai skyline. 

Whether you’re taking a vacation with your family, a business trip or merely an escape from the city to seek relaxation, the Four Seasons Hotel will deliver an unforgettable experience. Located in the heart of the modern city Dubai, the hotel offers a range of facilities tailored to your preference.

1. That Pool Life

One of the hotel’s most distinct features is its rooftop glass-walled pool.  The camera does not do justice for the scenic views of the rooftop.  For those of who love spending quality time by the pool, the Four Seasons Hotel offers spectacular views with a unique atmosphere.  Swimming in the pool under the sun during the day, overlooking the warm-toned, orange and pink hues sunset is an experience that should not be missed. A guaranteed experience that will cause you to drift into a state of utter serenity and relaxation by the poolside.

Rooftop Glass Pool at Four Seasons DIFC 

The rooftop features a stunning full-size glass-walled pool that will urge you to dip right in to enjoy the icy blue waters. The translucent glass has an absolutely stunning skyline whilst complementing the interior views of the crystal clear designed pool. The pool is located outdoors on a rooftop with a particularly breathtaking panoramic landscape scene of the radiant, bright sun and the vivid blue skies. Guests can tan on the spacious sun deck whilst indulging in the range of delicious international foods and fresh cold drinks. There are lounge chairs for sunbathing with umbrellas to provide privacy and shielding from the sun.

Shimmering like blue jewels at night, the pool is a perfect setting for a dinner at night or a swim under the stars. The above ground, glass-walled pool appears as an aquarium during the day with crystallized light gleaming at night, you can enjoy views of the glowing night sky from either your room or the rooftop. The stunning view of the skies will captivate your attention all night whilst pampering yourself with a drink by the poolside for a time of contemplation. The pool is open for swimming until 10pm, you will be able to enjoy the view of the city skyline late at night.

2. Business is the Name of the Game 

The hotel is beneficial for a range of types of people. However, the hotel particularly tailors its services to business travelers. The business facilities offered in this hotel makes it a suitable, great fit for such an audience.  Business travelers would be blown away by the accessibility to fast Internet. The Four Seasons Hotel offers a space for meetings or individual which a great opportunity to concentrate on completing business-orientated tasks. One of the many pleasant services provided by the Four Seasons Hotel are the various business amenities for the business travelers such as: computers, printers, scanners and translation services and upon special request the hotel presents its business travelers with presentation supplies. The sun beams through the windows illuminating the area with natural light with an option to adjust the light intensity for your preference.

The meeting room has a relaxing, welcoming and warm feel to it making it easy for the business travelers to ease out and alleviate stress. They have also provided teleconference rooms as well as the traditional conference rooms. The ambiance of the meeting room creates a friendly environment making it the perfect place to break the ice between the business travelers and their clients.  The hotel also succeeds in providing helpful, well-trained and welcoming staff for the business meetings.

The different facilities that the hotel has to present to its business travelers makes Four Seasons a perfect hotel to carry out business meetings. Facilities are open everyday for 24 hours; therefore, working late is never an issue for the business traveler in the Four Seasons hotel. Four Seasons has combined comfort and luxury in the design of its meeting rooms.  Hence, one can say that Four Seasons hotel provides a perfect environment for balancing work and leisure.

3. No-Fuss Dining 

Among Dubai’s exceptional dining venues, Four Seasons Hotel DIFC features four Dubai restaurants, bars and lounges. The Firebird diner by Michael Mina is offering delicious classic Western- American cuisines. The menu features a range of classic American diner favorites including breakfast items and people’s favorites. The Four Seasons dining atmosphere is ideal and perfect for business meeting and individual focus or enjoying a lunch amongst friends. The Four Seasons Hotel offers a range of dining experiences varying from afternoon tea, brunches, romantic pool villa dining, skyline dining. The hotel offers private dinner by the beach enjoying the panoramic views of Dubai.

The Famous Firebird Diner

If all above does not appeal to you then an exceptional in-room dining service is provided by the Four Seasons where one can relax in their spacious room with a mesmerizing view from the room window. However, with all the fantastic, elegant and beautifully designed bars, lounges and fine dining experiences, one is bound to get out of their rooms and experience the beauty Four Season has provided to a fulfill their promise of a 5 star hotel experience. They have well planned each dine in area to provide a breathtaking view from the restaurants while having a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have been able to successfully capture the essence of luxury in their dining experiences, leaving you fully satisfied and feeling like royalty.

The exquisite, fine-dining venues, the breathtaking, awe-inspiring views of the night and morning skies, the accessibility of transportation as well as location, and the business facilities offered makes the Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre a perfect resort to spend business trips at.

4. Location! Location! Location

 The hotel is located in the heart of DIFC, making it easily accessible from many of the various access points interlinked in DIFC; the hotel is designed to meet the demands of financial and business travelers in need of sophisticated, luxurious accommodation.  The convenience of the location makes it handy for business type trips. Unlike others hotels stationed in long distances from the Financial Centre; the hotel is 15 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport, you can arrive instantly to the hotel, unpack and enjoy the what is has to offer. The hotel is a short-walking distance from the Emirates Towers metro station, allowing you to easily access transportation around Dubai whilst avoiding the hassle of finding taxis. The DIFC is filled with high quality art galleries, showcasing artworks derived from diverse cultures across the region. These striking artworks are deployed around the district to enhance the scenic essence of the area with award-winning modern-styled architecture and live music and performances setting an energetic, entertaining atmosphere.

The Heart Of Dubai’s Financial Hub

Four Seasons has attracted many of its business travelers through the distinctive location where the spectacular view of Dubai downtown can be seen from the windows. Another picturesque view that Four Seasons hotel has to offer from its location is the view of Burj Khalifa through its lounge. The hotel is situated in the middle of many different banks, coffee shops and supermarkets that are accessible within the walking distance. Therefore, one will always find all the essentials within arms reach while staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Hotel Address:  

Gate Village
Building 9, DIFC
PO Box 507027
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reservations Email: reservations.dubaidifc@fourseasons.com

Hotel Reservations: +971 (0)4 506 0088