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4 Obsession-Worthy Beauty Salons: Doha Edition

There’s nothing harder than finding the perfect salon. No matter where you are in the world, it’s virtually impossible to find a salon you love and trust (even harder to find one that serves good coffee!). If you’ve been struggling to find your way around Doha salons, look no further. We’ve put together this go-to guide for Doha salons. These tried and tested must-visits are guaranteed to cater to all your beauty desires and wishes. From seriously high quality hair styling, to treatments you haven’t even heard of! This list of 4 salons is all you’ll need and they’re guaranteed to slowly but surely become your home away from home!

Glow American Salon: Ready, Set, GLOW!

Salons, Glow Salon

Since it’s opening, Glow has been the talk of the town. This salon instantly earned itself infamy across Qatar. Glow boasts one of the widest ranges of treatments offered, as well as maintaining outstanding uniqueness; there are numerous services that can only be found at Glow. This Salon offers cutting-edge technology and beauticians that are professional experts in their specialties. At Glow every beautician has her own specialty. The uniqueness of glow is captured in a quote on their website:”we believe each client walks in a blank canvas, and walks away as a work of art.” With three branches, this gem continues to grow and grow and our love for it grows with it!

Dados Beauty 

Salons, Dados Beauty

One of the most standout features of Dados Beauty Salon is their gorgeous interior. Magic is in the details here. From unique mani/pedi settings, to their very own huge Jacuzzi room; Dados has it all! The sister-owned salon is definitely comparable to Glow considering the uniqueness of the services they offer. A range of Mama To Be treatments that can be found here are adorable and completely one of a kind, as well as their Velasmooth slimming treatments. Just walking into this salon, you’re guaranteed to instantly feel glammed up!

Chic & Posh 

Salons, Chic & Posh

Chic & Posh offers complete luxury and professionalism. Another gorgeously designed salon, Chic & posh is almost comparable to a spa when considering the services offered. They provide countless intriguing facials such as their Gold Rejuvenation Facial and the delicious Mood Uplifting Chocolate facial. Aside from their array of spa treatments, Chic & Posh offers high quality and professional hair stylists that can create insane and amazing up dos. Just check out their Instagram and see hundreds of creations!

Franck Provost Salon in the Four Seasons Hotel

Salons, Franck Provost

Lastly but not least, comes Franck Provost’s salon in the Four Seasons Hotel. An extremely luxruious and higher-end salon, this offers some of the highest quality work. Internationally renowned stylist Franck Provost opened this salon to fill a niche that required comfort and style while ensuring some of the most trusted work. When going to this salon, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the results you’re looking for!