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5 Minutes With DALIA DOGMOCH – First Middle Eastern Chef On Food Tube

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Dubai’s Prominent Culinary Personality has Been Chosen to Shed Light on Middle Eastern Food Across Famed YouTube Channel- Food Tube, has chosen Dalia Dogmoch, Middle Eastern best selling author, presenter and entrepreneur to be featured on their famous channel, making Dalia the first presenter from the region to be showcased on the network. Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube has almost 2 million subscribers and 150 million views, and is now one of YouTube’s most successful food channels. The network choses talent from all over the world to be featured, all of which are specifically chosen by Jamie Oliver and his team. “Dalia is an amazing new talent, her blend of different cultures and cuisines results in awesome dishes with a Middle Eastern twist. We at Food Tube are looking forward to seeing what comes next” said Richard Herd | Head of Food Tube Network Jamie Oliver Ltd

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Syrian-German Dalia Dogmoch is hoping to make Middle Eastern ingredients, and food more mainstream by showcasing classic dishes as well as every day recipes with a Middle Eastern twist, including ‘White Omelette with Middle Eastern Flavours’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAXvE7KXfTc) and ‘How to Make Zataar’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ENPPzfoDY). The first video, which was uploaded just over a week ago, has already had 27k views. Dalia Dogmoch hopes this is just the start of many videos she will do in collaboration with Jamie Oliver’s channel to put Middle Eastern food well and truly on the map.

5 minutes with Dalia

1. How did you start your culinary experience?

As an Arab who was born in London, and grew up in Europe and then the US, I was blessed to be have been exposed to so many different cuisines. My mother cooked traditional Arabic food, and I taught myself how to cook dishes that I was used to from school, restaurants or I would taste at the local food markets in Paris and NYC. I became obsessed with cookbooks and found cooking very therapeutically.

2. Where does the core inspiration of Kitsch Bakery & Cafe come from?

We are very excited to announce that after 10 wonderful years, we have sold Kitsch to a Belgian F&B group and my partner and I are pursuing our respective passions. Racil, has relocated to London and started her fashion line. I am working on my second cookbook and another project, which I will hopefully announce soon. We are so grateful for the memories and the experiences that we have gained with Kitsch and our lovely customers during this amazing adventure. We are excited to see what the next decade brings.

3. How did the identity crisis and your various cultural background affected your cooking concept?

Cooking has always been my comfort zone. It’s the one place I truly felt at home, no matter where I was. I learnt to combine flavours or cooking techniques from different cuisines and it made experimenting in the kitchen that much more exciting. Plus, I truly believe that food breaks borders in so many ways, which considering the current negativity is more important than ever.

4. What is your most important advice you would give to young startup entrepreneurs in the region?

Always do what you love, but also realize that turning a passion into a career means it comes with all its side dishes too! It’s not only the fun and glamorous part, there’s a behind the scene grind that requires a lot of work and dedication. And never settle for anything less than what you imagined your dream would be, even if it takes a little longer than you expected it to.

5. How do you multitask between the full time job and motherhood? 

To be frank, it’s definitely not the easiest task! You have to juggle as best as you can and most of the time it works out somehow. But sometimes you have little mishaps like forgetting to get back to an important email (yes I’m guilty of that) or feeling guilty about not spending every minute with the little ones that grow up so fast!

6. As a prominent culinary personality, contributing to BBC Good Food Middle East, acting as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s food editor etc. what is your next plan? Is there something else you want to try out what you haven’t done before? And where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I’m just starting to work on my second cookbook, a YouTube channel and another exciting project which I will reveal in due time J I don’t quite know where I see myself in 5 years but I know I will always be somewhere in the kitchen!