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A Closer Look At La Vedette: Image Consulting And Beauty

“We live in a superficial world that judges people by their appearance, and for many it is difficult to live up to the standards that are published on the front pages of magazines. I believe that every person has the potential to discover their own beauty and La Vedette is here to take each one on their own journey.” Read on to discover more.

These were the words of Maisa Taha, the Managing Director of La Vedette, the leading image consulting and beauty destination when she announced the inauguration of La Vedette’s new center. On that occasion, Taha affirmed: “Our work is not only about making you look your best or helping you choose the outfit that flatters your body, we dig deep into your inner-self to bring out the star that you truly are.”


“At La Vedette, we are driven by sheer enthusiasm for style and passion for beauty. Our experts will make sure that you establish your own image and find your style. We’ll even analyze the way you spend your day with friends or at work and learn all about your unique body and face characteristics to make you stand out from the crowd… in style!”

The center has outlined a new strategy that includes the provision of a comprehensive suite of consulting and beauty services to cater to the requirements discerning clients. Taha continued: “Opening La Vedette’s new center is the first phase of our expansion plan. Our position is unique in the market. The services we provide are not only limited to makeup and hair styling, they also cover specialized consultation for individual and corporate image consulting, personal shopping and bridal consulting services”.

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The main objective of La Vedette’s consultation services is to build the clients’ self-confidence by helping them look their best and choose the right outfit for each occasion, supported by an exceptional team of seasoned experts led by Maisa Taha.

Taha indicated that the new center will be exclusively for women. However, La Vedette offers its services to men according to personal appointments and specific criteria. She also said that there’s a plan to open a similar center for men in the near future.