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A Day In The Life Of A Grace Belgravia Member

Our search for the true A-list experience brings us to Grace Belgravia, the women-only health & wellbeing club that caters to London’s health conscious super elite. Annual membership comes in at a hefty price of £7,500, however this includes your own personal ‘angel’ assigned to guide and support you through treatments, fitness programmes and nutritional services. Grace focuses on making every individual a better version of themselves, offering total body overhaul treatments and a personalised service to every member.

Grace Belgravia Atrium

Grace Cafe

Nestled between high-end boutiques, renowned restaurants and neighbouring luxury department store Harrods is the Grade II listed building in which Grace Belgravia lies within. Situated in ever-busy Knightsbridge, you could be forgiven for assuming the club might not be a picture of peace and serenity, however any pre-empted worries melted away within moments, along with our stress. Once inside there is no shortage of space, the range of facilities is wide, including a state-of-the-art gym offering the largest amount of fitness classes in London!

The minimalist décor and towering atrium resemble something of a billionaires home, rather than a medi spa in the centre of London. The menu of the resident restaurant is curated by former chef of Nottinghill restaurant Beach Blanket Babylon, Sophie Wright and showcases a nutritious selection of meals from vegan, all-natural breakfasts to afternoon tea and 3 course dinners. Other highlights of the menu include the outstanding array of juices and smoothies, including my choice of the ‘Cleanse Me’ juice – a combination of orange, apple, beetroot, ginger and lemon. The assistant on hand to help me trail through the menu recommended the ‘Cleanse Me’ juice as good for blood pressure and balancing the pH of your body.

Grace Belgravia www.jamesbedford.com www.welcometozermatt.com

Grace Belgravia www.jamesbedford.com www.welcometozermatt.com

A short walk through the atrium and you enter the spa and as you can probably surmise, it’s beyond beautiful with it’s perfectly pink hued walls and glittering Hollywood style mirror lights. Thirty minutes later we emerge from the spa feeling relaxed and revitalised after making use of the Herbal Sauna and Hammam – both of which do wonders for our skin and totally eradicate the thoughts of bustling London below us. The nail salon is equally as scrumptious, but quiet because it’s a Wednesday. There is even a blow dry bar fit for A-listers to rework their ”do” after a day at the club.

Upstairs and to the spa treatment rooms – nine to be exact, each equipped with beauty brands such as Dr Levy, Chenot and Hauschka. Treatments range from skin consultations to bespoke facials, pregnancy massages and laser skin peels all performed by the best therapists in the business. The treatment we underwent was the Natura Bissé Diamond White Expertise facial which would hopefully prevent uneven pigmentation and eliminate dark spots. The therapist begun with toning and cleansing the skin then applied a highly concentrated mask, which the therapist described will feel ‘hot and tingly, like pins and needles’, however in reality it just made our face itch like hell. The hope was that it would prevent hyperpigmentation and effectively reduce dark circles under eyes and dark spots on the skin.  A heavenly treatment and I was like in a dream-like state which I certainly didn’t want to wake up from. The treatment can also be performed with a Pyruvic peel with a course of 4 treatments taking place, spaced 15 days apart.

Grace Medical

A truly holistic health & wellbeing club, Grace Belgravia offers a huge choice of medical treatments such as colon hydrotherapy and Vitamin Infusion, to personalised wellbeing programmes such as the 3-day cleanse which includes a combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, spa treatments, fitness and nutritional advice and menu programmes tailored to the individual. We highly recommend the 3-day cleanse as not only is it a fraction of the annual membership price set at just £1,900 but you will receive a personalised service second to none. First on the list is a consultation with one of the best doctors in the business to help you design your personal cleanse and what you want to achieve at the end of it. Notes from the consultation are put on file and from then on, all your therapists ail be able to refer back to them over the upcoming 3 days. A blood test takes place and then it’s onto the tailored programme of fitness, spa treatments and nutritional advice. By the end of the 3-day cleanse you’ll be floating out of the building, feeling better than ever before.

Grace Belgravia

11c West Halkin Street



Annual membership: £7,500

Junior/Senior membership prices available on website