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A-Lister Facialist, Su-Man, Returns To biolite Aesthetic Clinic

bioBiolite Aesthetic Clinic is pleased to announce the return of Su-Man, the A-lister’s secret weapon in facialists. From November 28 until December 1 Su-Man will be flying in from the UK to offer biolite’s loyal guests and beauty enthusiasts of Dubai the opportunity to experience her world-renowned techniques and expertise.

By popular request, Su-Man’ will be returning to the Middle East to once again offer her legendary signature facial. Blending her unique expertise in dance, Shiatsu, Pilates and oriental facial massage, the powerful revitalizing treatment is beloved by beauty editors, celebrities and legions of fans across the world, who hail it as a ‘facelift in an hour’ and ‘the natural alternative to Botox’.


After a bespoke skin analysis to tailor the facial to your specific needs, Su-Man deep cleanses, extracts impurities, exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the face with her carefully designed massage techniques, using her own specially created skincare products. Each massage stroke is repeated 36 times in accordance to the ancient Chinese belief that the number six is lucky and helps lead the individual to a perfect state of health and happiness. Su Man’s expert firm deep tissue massage to the neck, upper arms, hands and feet completes the experience.


The aim is to rebalance the energy and moisture in the skin, and to reinvigorate all the muscles in the face and surrounding areas. The long-lasting results are a totally rejuvenated mind and body, and skin that looks healthy, lifted and luminous. Su-man 2014-0440 midresCombining a deep intuitive understanding of natural and traditional skincare originating from her native Taiwan, Su-Man has elevated facialism into a sublime art form. Her hybrid facial treatment has been specifically created to awaken and lift the face by not only treating the face but the body and soul also. A non-evasive alternative to Botox, Su-Man’s facial focuses on the philosophy of ageing beautifully and coaxing the skin to reawaken. It is this combined technique of shiatsu facial massage, collagen plumping, cleansing and nourishing that result in a thoroughly exercised, lifted and glowing face. “My Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial is the perfect system for purifying, energizing and nourishing the skin” says Su-Man. Biolite’s ethos hinges on providing the latest and most innovative surgical and non-surgical beauty, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments as well as ensuring a 360 degree approach to the concept of beauty and wellness. With Su-Man’s facials having attracted a variety of A-list clients including Oscar winning actors, Hollywood film producers and bestselling novelists, this next visit will once again highlight biolite’s forward thinking philosophy to beauty in the region.