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A Theatre Of Wonders

A Theatre of Wonders

Baccarat, the first-ever crystal manufacturer to offer lighting components and to create pieces in coloured crystal,
illuminates the world and transforms lives into a theatre of wonders.

Unforgettable are the sumptuous palaces of Istanbul, Dolmabahçe or Beylerbeyi, famed as a full-blown “Baccarat Museum”,
with its thirty-one chandeliers and twelve candelabra. Baccarat opulence was to be found in a thousand and one wonders illuminating residences across the world.

As the 21st century got underway, Baccarat developed a new vocabulary of lighting: the iconic “Zénith” chandelier is undoubtedly the most famous inspiration and has continuously evolved with each new special commission or reinterpretation by some of the world’s greatest international artists and designers.