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About Us

Dubai – Doha – Beirut

QMIN is Qatar’s first online magazine determined to bring the latest luxury lifestyle news straight to your screens. With a focus on high-end fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, QMIN provides an innovative platform for trendsetters and beauty culture enthusiasts to inspire and be inspired.

We aim to be the exclusive platform for pre-eminent resources of information in the Middle East; specifically in Doha – Dubai – Beirut, with a 360 degree view on world class fashion, beauty, and culture.

Staying true to our passion, QMIN strives to deliver ingenious content with a unique perspective by combining the virtual world with with news and trends worldwide. QMIN takes the advantage of targeting a mélange of foreign, as well as local readers that come from a cosmopolitan background and prefer to gain convenient access to the high quality updates of social media for their internationally-oriented lifestyle.


Who we are?

QMIN is a team of passionate and creative editors who bring you the latest news and trends in luxury Lifestyle with different talented contributors from Doha, Dubai and Beirut updating you on the latest events and happenings around town.