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Act Now Against The Effects Of Winter On Your Skin & Hair

We all know the effects that winter can have on our hair and skin and they ain’t pretty. With the winter months creeping upon us, Neville Hair & Beauty have created this bespoke list of treatments and products that will work wonders on dried out skin and brittle, damaged hair. So it will be no more reaching for the trusty bobble hat or lathering on the moisturiser because this list of treatments will be your winter saviours.


Deep root coconut treatment – good for shiny hair

Prevent frizz and split ends with this luxurious hair treatment designed to create beautifully sleek and hydrated hair. Honey and lavender retain the moisture in every lock of hair, whilst rosemary oil helps to decrease hair loss. The primary ingredient, coconut oil adds a well-needed shine and lister to dry and damaged tresses. Priced from £90.

Shu Uemura Absolute nourishing oil-in cream – good for protection

Whether you’re on the slopes or on the beach, sun exposure can really damage your hair. The Shu Uemura oil-in cream is enriched in Camelia oil which hydrates and thoroughly nourishes your hair – as well controlling frizz and unruly ends. £40.

Bio Gloves Caviar – good for dry skin

Central heating and humidity play havoc with your complexion, often leaving skin deprived of moisture. This ever so special facial from famed Neville therapist Fere, promotes healthy skin by using micro current gloves to awaken and stimulate your facial muscles. Skin will appear lifted, firm and fresh. Priced at £150 for 60 minutes.

LPG Oxygen facial – good for dull skin

Somewhat of a more medical grade treatment, LPG Detox and Oxygen facial is designed to aid skin detoxification and brighten once dull skin. No pain involved – just a delightfully dullness-free face by the end of the 90 minute treatment. Priced at £270 for 90 minutes.

Don’t worry men, we haven’t forgotten about you. Both winter and shaving can damage your skin immensely, leaving skin weak so Neville have chosen two treatments for you that are bound to energise, protect and restore. 

Venus Versa Freeze face – good for hydration

The famed Venus Versa treatment is usually associated with women, however this male dedicated treatment is designed to strengthen skin from the inside out, promote hydration and smooth out any fine lines or wrinkles. Priced at £150 for 45 minutes.

Venus Versa Signature – good for cleansing pores

Diamond tip microdermabrasion, innovatively designed  to cleanse and exfoliate deep into your pores and remove any dirt or impurities. Followed by a hydrating mask selected by you to suit your skin type for a final drop of detoxification.

All treatments are available at the three Neville salons below:

Neville Belgravia SW1X 9EJ

Neville Grace Belgravia SW1X 8JL

Neville Bulgari Hotel SW7 1DW