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Ajmal Perfumes, Qafiya

 “Inspiration of modern Emirati lifestyle, encapsulated in the form of Qafiya”


Ajmal Perfumes, the regions multi award winning fragrance house launched its unique initiative called “Qafiya” in a press conference at the symbolic Burj Al Arab hotel on 26 September 2016. The journey of this amazing initiative took place when Rashid Abdulla Turki Alturki, a young, energetic and vibrant Emirati walked into Ajmal’s office with a concept of collaborating with the brand to launch a fragrance. A fragrance that represents the new-age Emirati lifestyle but marinated in local traditions that’s so integral to every Emirati, young and old.

This concept worked brilliantly well with Brand Ajmal, as the brand has been embarking on initiatives where it could work with local talents and add value to the ‘community’ that’s been at the forefront of its existence in this region. After all, Dubai was the city that Ajmal opened its first retail showroom in 1976.




The core idea of this ‘community’ initiative was built on the premise that Rashid Abdulla will have a panel of dynamic Emiratis who will work with Ajmal from the concept creation of this new fragrance to the final development of the product.


The pitch was to have “UAE’s first fragrance that’s ‘made’ by the young, new-age Emirati community, ‘for’ the young, new-age Emirati community”.

Through this collaborative approach, Ajmal is proud to introduce two unisex fragrances called Qafiya 01 for day wear and Qafiya 02 for the evenings.



About Ajmal

Ajmal, with over 65 year history of creating fragrances, has mastered the art of perfume making and occupies a unique niche in the world of perfumery in the Middle East. Today, Ajmal is a regional corporate entity with a vast portfolio of the finest and most captivating fragrances available in the region. Ajmal has established a strong retail presence with over 180 retail outlets across the GCC. Ajmal also exports to over 45 countries across the globe.


About Rashid Abdulla

Rashid Abdulla is a 24 year old Emirati from Dubai. An International relations student with a passion for entrepreneurship, Rashid has worked on different fields from food, media to perfumes. He has also managed marketing & PR campaigns for new concepts. Introducing new notions to the Community has always been his passion.