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Azza Fahmy’s jewellery making workshop x 55fifty7

QMIN magazine reviews the Azza Fahmy’s jewellery making workshop course that took place on the 4th of December 2016 for five days. D3 has collaborated with the Design studio by Azza Fahmy (DSAF) in partnership with 55FIFTY7 Jewellery, a unique atelier where new and existing designers have an opportunity to explore the space of creativity and craftsmanship. The course lasts five days where participants learn about basic jewellery design and materials by an international renowned instructor from Germany. Materials, casting and tool rental is included in the course and no previous jewellery making or design experience is required. Thus, participants who have passion for jewellery design or who want to learn about how to start a collection, this might be an ideal opportunity to get an insight! If your fingers are itching to make something unique and creative, then jewelry making workshop is the must-try for you. It allows you to make pieces that fully express your style and personality. You can even stretch your creative boundaries by exploring different styles and designs to sell or give away as gifts.The possibilities are endless, which is one reason that jewelry making is so rewarding.

During each lesson, participants get to introduced to basic jewellery tools as they use them to create different surface textures. They are able to understand each tools specific usage in order to acquire distinct visual aesthetics. Theory and demonstration of the basic techniques as well as instructor’s guidance is there in order to finish participant’s masterpiece by the end of the fifth day.

From the brainstorming of your own design to sketching of the jewellery, the first day starts with an introduction about the workshop, the instructor and basics of design where students make a research analyse their findings by exploring their surrounding environment (100 words, 100 materials, 100 images). Then sketching in 2D a pendant for a person you miss, a bracelet to feel safe, an earring for a song you love and a ring to show your status is one of the brainstorming session.

Everyone starts to work on the pieces they want to work on by an introduction into gold smithing workshop, tools and materials. On the day two and three, the metal work using different techniques has been taught; drilling, sawing, filing, bending, hammering. Using these techniques the students work on their own pendant, pair of earrings and a ring. Moreover the experiment with different materials by associating it to different verbs (heavy, light, dark, happy, colourful… etc.) has been done in order to transform the materials into 2D shapes using drafting, paper, and clay-­‐modelling. It is about transforming the 2D shapes into a 3D metal shape (ring).

On the day four and five, the work one on one to start forming a set of parure (ring, earrings, bracelet and pendant) has been done with the final touch to see the result of the pieces done throughout the workshop. After finalising the pieces, it is ready to wear.

This has been the second workshop in D3 and all of the participants had a great learning experience as well as an insight of jewellery making process. 55fifty7 is the space where qualified jewellery professionals and talented designers guide the participants on creative quest and help them to refine their ideas into reality.

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