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Beauty Review: Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair Serum!

I have been looking for a magic serum to clear my skin when I get a spot or blemish, for years now, trying all the different brands, creams and scrubs that claim to reverse years, clear skin and give you an even complexion but I’ve never found anything living up to the claims on the packaging!


I passed by Salam Stores about a month ago and came across their famous Advanced Night Repair Serum and have never looked back since.


It has cleared my complexion, banished tired eyes and most importantly, I have dry skin and it has helped tremendously with that.

The best way to apply is to put a small amount, about the size of your fingertip, onto your fingers and massage into freshly washed skin, and then when dry, apply moisturizer.

Available at Salam Stores in The Gate Mall

By Annabel Rooney