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biolite Partners With VOSS Water

VOSS is the official water for biolite Aesthetic Clinic Facials

biolite Aesthetic Clinic has announced that VOSS Water of Norway, the world’s renowned artesian water, will now be the official water used for all facials at the clinic.

VOSS bottled water comes from an artesian spring in a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, its pristine natural condition is protected from the source to the bottle. Naturally low in sodium and other minerals, VOSS is fresh, clean and refreshing for maximum hydration and nurture. The majority of biolite facials require pure water for cleansing as well as steaming which allows the opening of the pores to obtain maximum purity and balance for the skin.

Dr. Mona Mirza, founder of renowned biolite Aesthetic Clinic, describes the powerful benefits of water for the skin: “Our largest and more exposed organ, the skin, benefits from water as much as our entire body does. Dehydration is one of the reasons why you often see young women with their skin already aged beyond their years.”

Specific treatments using the benefits of VOSS water include the following:

  1. Dermasweep: The Dermapen is a unique automated micro-needling system that vertically pierces the skin with 13 stainless steel needles to stimulate collagen and elastin naturally with minimal epidermal damage and maximum coverage unlike manual injections and other such methods.
  1. Placenta Diamond Facial: Exclusive to biolite, the Placenta Diamond Facial is the latest Hollywood’s best kept beauty secret for skin tightening, anti-aging and flawless complexions. The Placenta facial is known to be more than just an aesthetic treatment but also for its curative elements for problematic skin concerns such eczema and rosacea.
  1. Microdermabrasion: an excellent treatment for scarred and tired skin and as an anti-aging treatment. Eliminates the top layer of the skin by gentle crystal surfacing and vacuum. Leaving skin feeling very soft and smooth. Excellent for open pores. Taken on a weekly basis between 6-8 sessions for best results. Results best after 2 days combined with intense skin hydrating skin care products.
  1. Red carpet Facial: The glare of bright lights & HD cameras not to mention the layers of cosmetics to hide a speck of imperfection can often leave the skin begging for a rescue remedy. Keeping all those points in mind Biolite created the ultimate Red carpet facial, guaranteed to keep the skin firm, cheek bones & jaw looking sharp and skin luminous.
  1. Suki Organic Facial: Designed for all skin type that hydrates, soothes, balance and nourished the skin using a blends of organic products that produces unrivalled results without harm and an Integration cutting –edge cosmeceauticals with active botanicals in 100% synthetic-free bases. 
  1. Japanese Nightingale: Geishas found that regular nightingale droppings facials could be used not only to remove makeup but to brighten, heal and re-texture the skin due to their natural enzymes and guanine, which imparts a pearly luster to the skin.