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Bioscience Clinic Dubai

Bioscience Clinic Dubai Offers Natural, Long-Lasting Breast Augmentation Using Your Own Cells

Bioscience Clinic Dubai is offering breast augmentation using the revolutionary Adipose Derived Stem Cell Technology (ADC), Bioscience Clinic is the only clinic providing this technique, which allows patients to achieve long-lasting breast augmentation results without the use of silicon or other artificial substances.

Using a regenerative cosmetic medical treatment known as ‘ lipofilling’, body fat is used as a method of increasing the volume of the breasts and other body parts.  The procedure does not require the use or injection of any external synthetic prosthesis or substance in the body, producing very natural and long lasting results through a biological approach, which is 100% personalized.

Giuseppe Mucci, founder and owner of Bioscience Clinic, said: “When using a traditional fat transfer to create breast augmentation, the problem is that around 85% of the volume enhancement obtained through the transfer of only fat, from one part of the body to another, is lostwithin 4 months of performing the procedure.  When we use Adipose Derived Stem Cells to extract and expand the fat cells, clinical studies show that using our method, the initial results are maintained in over 80% of cases, which is truly revolutionary.”

The experts from Bioscience Institute, using both the cell factories in Dubai and San Marino, have replicated the study published in The Lancet, increasing the volume of the breast and extending the follow-up period from 4 to 12 months. The aim, in fact, was not to analyse the differences in the use of fat with or without the expanded stem cells (these results are already unequivocally documented with MRI and histology) but to understand the stability of the results through time. The increased breast volume, obtained with the use of expanded adipose derived stem cells, is stable at 98% after 12 months of follow up, even in women who had lost 4 Kg of body weight during the year.

Volume enhancement using stem cells derived from adipose tissue (Adipose Derived Stem Cell) require a mini, simple liposuction procedure followed by 12 days of cell culture performed in specific laboratories, i.e. the “cell factory”, in which the stem cells are isolated, expanded and cryopreserved.  Another novel advantage is that a patient who is undergoing a liposuction procedure at another clinic simply to drop weight or for body shaping, can request that the extracted fat be sent to Bioscience Clinic, where it can be cultured and cryopreserved for later use. It can then be used later on for breast augmentation, body shaping or even facial fillers.

This innovative treatment is biologically safe and affordable for everyone. Other aesthetic treatments offered at Bioscience Clinic using the patient’s very own adipose derived stem cells (ADC) include facial fillers and skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, and natural body shaping, such as breast and buttock augmentation. 

Bioscience Clinic Middle East Laboratories is licensed and inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and Dubai Health Care City, with over eight years’ development and experience the Dubai Clinic welcomes patients to experience a new world of exclusive anti-ageing and plastic surgery therapies.