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Bioscience Institute Opens Its Doors In Dubai

This new leading European clinic will offer tailor-made cell therapies for the very first time in the Middle East!

The world’s leading regenerative medical center, Bioscience Institute, is pleased to open its doors to its new clinic in Dubai. Located in Dubai Health Care City, Bioscience Clinic Middle East is the first regional laboratory and clinic from the Bioscience Group, a medical team representing the highest levels of excellence, to culture and administrative autologous cells. This state-of-the-art space will offer the most exclusive and advanced tailor-made autologous cell therapies for natural and long lasting results to UAE residents of all ages and nationalities.

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With its Headquarters in San Marino, Italy, Bioscience Clinic Dubai’s vision is based on the idea that invasive surgery and chemistry can be partially replaced by the concept of using your own cells for various applications. The development of the laboratories in Dubai has benefited from eight years experience of existing Bioscience Institute laboratories in Europe, considered one of the most advanced and unique in the world when it comes to autologous stem cell application.

Dubai’s discerning clientele are welcomed to experience a range of aesthetic applications resulting in high-quality regenerative treatments including skin rejuvenation, wrinkle fillers, natural body shaping (breast and buttocks augmentation) and correction of dermatological imperfections.

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The main tailor made products offered through the Dubai clinic include the Liposkill treatment: A product containing 100% autologous expanded cells collected easily and quickly from a small amount of patients own fat. Liposkill gives safe, long lasting and fully natural results avoiding the use of chemicals, synthetic or implants.

Bioscience Clinic Middle East Laboratories is licensed and inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and Dubai Health Care City as well as being certified Good Manufacturing Procedures.

With over eight years development and experience acquired in Europe, the Dubai Clinic is ready to invite Dubai’s beauty and aesthetics enthusiasts to experience a new world of exclusive anti-ageing and body shaping personalized therapies.


To learn more,

Website: http://www.bioinst.ae

Phone Number: +971 4 375 7220