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Capritouch and Ludovica Andreoni

Capritouch and Ludovica Andreoni: The Italian chic statement launched in Middle East – The new Dubai Mall store also offers a bespoke hand-crafted sandals service

Capritouch, a homegrown Italian brand representing Italian elegance combined with a modern twist, has opened its first Middle East store at The Dubai Mall.  In addition to the Capritouch women, men and Capri sandals collections, the stunning jewellery designed by Ludovica Andreoni is also available at the new store.

Reviving the 50’s and 60’s “Dolce Vita” essence, Capritouch embodies Capri Island’s unique vibe into bold colors and fine fabrics. At the same time, high quality and creativity are guaranteed by each and every specially designed handmade item. The new 2016 SS Capritouch collection includes apparel, accessories, foot-wear, fabrics, works of art and designer furniture from the Capritouch Home Collection – all of which are exclusively made in Italy.

The hand-crafted made-to-measure Capri sandals constitute the brand’s signature accessory and they are destined to fulfill clients’ special needs, reflect their personalities and add some glam to their footprints.

Capritouch Sandals_6

The store features a cobbler workshop where two skillful Italian cobblers, who have brought back the ancient handcrafted art of making sandals, can create a pair of made-to-measure leather sandals in less than 30 minutes. The process allows customers to design their own pair of sandals, which fit their feet perfectly, and to personalize them by selecting their preferred height of the heel, the color of the leather strap, and to embellish them with precious stones, corals and Swarovski crystals for a bedazzled look. To top it all off, the cobblers can also sculpt the client’s initials on the sole, emphasizing their distinctiveness.

Available at the new Capritouch store is also LA Jewellery, a collection of handcrafted jewellery made with white, yellow, pink or burnished gold combined with  precious and semiprecious stones, designed by the talented Italian designer Ludovica Andreoni.

By expanding its availability in the Middle East with its flagship store at the Dubai Mall, Capritouch makes a resonant “invasion” in the region’s aesthetics, by adding a full-time summery feeling in oriental everyday life. The Capritouch store is located on the Ground floor at the Dubai Mall, just a few steps away from the Ice Rink.