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Catch Dubai: Urban Dining In Dubai

Mix, mingle and be seen at the newest and coolest hangout in town. Successfully fusing together urban design, exceptional food and an electric atmosphere that’s out of this world is New York concept restaurant, Catch Dubai. Making a splash on the Dubai dining & nightlife scene, Catch features a long list of sumptuous sushi, mouth-watering meat mains and even a few of Head Chef Bobby Griffing’s family recipes (for old times sake!).


Stepping inside Catch Dubai is transporting. It’s bare brick walls are covered in Banksy artwork and the bar stools are swamped with the classiest crowd around, no doubt including magazine editors, models and Dubai’s top property tycoons: in fact the crowd rather resembles the entirety of Dubai’s rich list. Vintage red leather booths and rustic dining tables compliment the contemporary decor and make for a comfortable and more private dining experience.

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Seated in a humungous booth overlooking the sushi counter, we open the leather-bound menu and take our pick of dishes. Starters are served and the smoked ricotta ravioli is a highlight – rich and smokey, and a relatively new dish to the menu at Catch, Head Chef Bobby Griffing has created something extraordinary. Also impressive is the wagyu-on-the-rock which as the name suggests, is served raw for you to cook on the hot stone. There are six flavoursome slices of wagyu beef served with a stunning yuzu soy and garlic sauce for dipping.


The short ribs are the star of the show. Marinated in hoisin glaze for 48 hours, the flavour is expectantly brilliant and serving it with a sweet potato puree is a pleasant addition to the dish. Juicy and tender, the ribs are served off the bone (praise Chef Bobby, we hate sticky fingers) and absolutely delicious.  Somewhat less enthralling was the brand new addition to the menu, scallop & oxtail. Admittedly the scallops were cooked to perfection, but then again how hard is it to cook a scallop? The oxtail however was  disappointingly lacking ”content” and bulked out with what seemed to be bulgar wheat. The sides of lobster mash and truffle & parmesan fries weren’t really necessary, but by god were they tasty – definitely recommend them to any future diners.


We ended the meal with a selection of truly scrumptious desserts. The sticky coconut & pineapple cake was a very aesthetically pleasing dessert, however the maple & pecan pie was such a warm and comforting dessert it totally won my vote. Catch Dubai definitely gets my vote as one of the best restaurants on the map in Dubai.

Book your table at Catch Dubai by emailing reservations@catchdubai.com