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Christian Lacroix’s Hotel Takeover

Looming precariously on the edge of being forgotten, The Mandeville Hotel‘s recent collaboration with quirky French fashion designer Christian Lacroix is a miraculous design choice. The fifth floor has been transformed into a fashionista’s paradise with the addition of the four new ‘Riviera’ rooms. Lacroix brings bold, eye-catching design to the charming, centrally located hotel. There’s an ever-busy bar with more-ish snacks and readily available cocktail classes and a large dining-room style restaurant that serves good all-day cuisine.

Go from Oxford Street to the front door in a matter of moments. The regency style townhouse makes a pretty picture on a street lined with offices, shops and restaurants. Inside, it’s sleek with contemporary wood panelled walls and a contrasting twenties style glass chandelier. It’s quirky in design with two paisley patterned armchairs and a red leather sofa placed in the centre of the lobby, accompanied by an oversized red sports car on display. The staff have a genuine smile on their face and check-in is easy.

We make our way up to the fifth floor in the London-themed lift, complete with London bus patterned wallpaper and a smattering of information boards of ‘what to do’ in London. The lift opens up onto a narrow corridor heavily themed around the colour purple. We stay in the ‘Jewel Box’ room; one of the four new ‘Riviera’ rooms designed by Christian Lacroix. Immediately impressed by the funky design, we instantly share our love of the room on Instagram with a photograph. The whimsical wallpapers are striking, if a tad over-powering. It’s not until we get into bed that we realise it’s tiny. A new mattress wouldn’t go amiss either. To see the other ‘Riviera’ rooms, click here.

Breakfast was wholly uninspiring, served in the hotel’s restaurant Reform Social & Grill. The interior was indifferent and service was sadly inconsistent. The hot dishes were a pleasant surprise with a wonderful array of egg dishes to choose from, pancakes, bircher muesli and even rather exotic kippers. The eggs benedict was good and we enjoy a selection of hot pastries on the side. Not the best breakfast we’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst.

The Mandeville Hotel

Mandeville Place

Marylebone, London