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The World Through Cocu Liu’s Iphone Lens

If you think that taking good pictures only involves investing all your monthly salary in an expensive camera, you’ve probably not heard about Cocu Liu.

Cocu Liu is an amazing Iphone photographer based in Chicago. Yes, Iphone! In 2010 he started taking his pictures with an old Iphone 4 sharing his works on Instagram. Now, in 2014, he has been noticed by the judges of the Iphone Photography Awards. Winning in the Seasons category, we’re taking a look at his photos up close and personal.

Cocu Liu doesn’t have any photography background. He studied fine art and design when he was at the collage and he developped his skills simply shooting pictures and practising. A lot.

As he declared in a interview for the Iphone Photography School, his photography routinely consists of going around the city and looking for what draws his attention.



“The best camera is the one that is with you”


Then he looks at the lights since – as all photographers know – they define the final result, determining the quality of the shot.
And Cocu’s love for light is visible in each of his works. He loves playing with different shadows, exploring them from different angles.

Also the editing work is made with his Iphone. Cocu Liu is a fan of these two apps: Filterstorm to adjust contrast and VSCO Cam to adjust colors.




Cocu Liu’s photos were also featured by Apple as part of its Apple World Gallery.