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“Conscious Blues”: LaLaQueen

Did you know? The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil. More than a half trillion gallons of fresh water are used in the dyeing of textiles each year. The dye wastewater is discharged, often untreated into nearby rivers, where it reaches the sea, eventually spreading around the globe. China is said to discharges roughly 40 percent of these chemicals.
LaLaQueen is a fashion label passionate about ethical design; the leathers are vegetable dyed, the raw materials are sourced consciously, and safe packaging and labour environments are prioritised. Sourced and designed locally in Lebanon, raw materials do not travel thousands of miles across the ocean in fuel guzzling tankers, and are not manufactured in factories dumping toxic waste into local waterways.
LaLaQueen handbags are also designed to last, with leather that ages beautifully and timeless design. With the CO2 emissions a frightening by-product of the fast fashion industry, much of what you purchase is ultimately accelerating carbon emissions and heating up our oceans.
As expressed by designer Sally Sarieddine; “Fashion is an expression, everything we do ripples out and has an immediate affect on the environment. So by bringing this into awareness, I want to encourage people to be mindful and express themselves with fashion responsibly, and take up their own challenge to make an impact on the world we live in.”  
With a nod to the deep, abundant oceans of our blue planet, LaLaQueen showcases the beautiful blue, handmade leather designs within the collection as seen below. Enjoy fashion whilst protecting our planet!