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Dee Abdulla

#QMINInsider with Dee Abdulla, Founder of Hi Impact Brows  

Dee Abdulla has been at the forefront of the beauty industry for almost a decade, successfully launching beauty concepts with innovative and unique products that are internationally recognized.  Her career as an entrepreneur and professional makeup artist has led her to use her talents in multiple fashion shows, creating makeup looks for special events, local television and teaching her own beauty master classes. Hi Impact Brows 4 - AED 130

She is a qualified makeup artist, having completed a diploma in cosmetics and makeup in 2004, and a Mac training program for Mac techniques in 2015. Dee has also worked with celebrities such as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Nicole Scherzinger, Little Mix and Victoria Beckham. Another highlight has been hosting a beauty master class for female asylum seekers as part of a personal development campaign she established to boost self-confidence in women who have experienced displacement or trauma in their lives.  After completing university in 2003 with an honours degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications in the UK, Dee Abdulla undertook a diploma in cosmetics and makeup that qualified her as a makeup artist in 2004. She then started a career in business banking with Lloyds Bank that spanned 3.5 years, before deciding to specialise and focus more on her passion – to merge commerce, retail and beauty in one, and this is when the concept of Arch Angelz came to be.

Hi Impact Powders 1Arch Angelz is a pioneer in the UK where beauty treatments are affordable and accessible without appointment. Dee launched her first 2 beauty bars in Debenhams in A/W 08 and within the first year, opened 6 more locations, 12 more in the second year and now operates the largest beauty bar chain in the UK with almost 50 locations nationwide.  

Dee and her co-director created the drop-in beauty service concept when it was unheard of in the UK back in 2008. Eight years on they expanded that company into blow-dry bars and nail bars, a national beauty academy and an online professional beauty store.

In 2012 they expanded the business model into distribution, their first brand being Body Bling, a skin perfecting illuminator developed by celebrity makeup artist, Scott Barnes, for long-term client, Jennifer Lopez.

In 2012, they reignited the JLO Glow and introduced it to celebrities and the mass market in the UK by launching into retail and working with television programs such as X Factor, daytime TV shows and retailing in stores and online.  To date, their distribution division, Dee & Co., has expanded exponentially in the UK and an international branch, Dee & Associates has been set up in the UAE for GCC distribution of exclusive and unique beauty products and tools.


1.    Where did the core inspiration come from before stepping into the beauty industry after your bachelor degree?

The inspiration came far, far earlier, and at 2 very different stages of my childhood: The first- to be an entrepreneur, I used to make my mother buy me ice cream and cones and I used to sell my family and neighbors ice cream when I was 8.

When I was 15, back in a time when there was no social media, or Internet, I taught myself how to mix foundations to contour and I often did makeovers for family and friends, so the drive was pretty much organic from an early age.

  1. How does the beauty industry in Dubai differentiate from England or Europe in your opinion? Is there any specific consumer behavior you have observed during the development of your business?

Women here are just as savvy and fashion forward when it comes to fashion and beauty, I would argue that the market here is more buoyant than back home in the UK as the social culture here creates is a real ‘’need’’ to always look primped and primed while in the West we’re a lot more natural.

People here are leaning towards new and exciting niche brands, which is why Hi Impact Brows has been so warmly welcomed – they are always hungry for new things.

  1. What was the most difficult challenge you have faced launching Hi Impact Brows?

We launched Hi Impact Brows over 5 years ago in the UK, in the Middle East we have just hit the runway with this very unique product, from all the brands we have developed, this one has a special place with me because it was the first product I developed, almost like a first child so to speak.

The biggest challenge in the Middle East I find is the speed in which things are done- there’s a lot of waiting for action, and patience really is key to be successful here.

  1. What is the main message behind the brand and how do you deliver this?

The message is simple, all our branding, social media and marketing tells women:

‘No matter what complexion or hair color you have, if you have thin, thick or non existent eyebrows, Hi Impact Brows will customize your unique shade to give you salon perfect brows everyday. It will last all day long with no smudging, and you can use it for eyeliner and countless eye-makeup looks to get the most out of this fantastic and truly transforming product.

  1. How important is the eyebrow for make-up and what is the advice you can give to our readers who are struggling to have the perfect eyebrow?

Eyebrows are the frame of the face no matter what condition they are in, they set the tone, they are the focal point that enhance the eyes and also set the tone for the look your makeup portrays- they can’t be ignored.

My advice is simple if anyone is not happy with their brows:

  1. Go to a professional, research and seek recommendations from your friends, see where they go and book a consultation
  2. When you find your brow expert, have a consultation and be clear about what you want and don’t want, if you don’t, they will do what they think is best which is not always what you think is best.
  3. Keep your brows as close to their natural thickness as possible, there is no better shape than the one your born with
  4. Last but not least, use your Hi Impact Brows palette to enhance, thicken, lengthen or arch your brows to the desired look between treatments, you will be sure to have naturally perfect brows everyday.
  1. What is the unique selling point of Hi Impact Brows and whom do you recommend this product to?

The unique selling point of Hi Impact Brows is that it’s the only truly professional product on the market that allows you to easily customize your perfect color to create your perfect arch easily and naturally. The density of the powders makes it super long lasting with the most natural result with no transfer or smudge for up to 24 hours.

I absolutely recommend this product to every woman, no matter how thick, thin light or dark her brows are as the palette can be used to perfect brows, eye shadow and line the eyes in countless ways. Don’t be afraid to wet your brow brush to create a gel like effect, the powders don’t damage! They are designed to perform and dry back to a dense powdered texture.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Building brands, creating brands and new and exciting products that find new ways to benefit women be it in beauty or well-being – this is what I always want to be done, I am blessed to be abl