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Dermatude Facial Treatment at La Vedette – All About Aesthetics!

La Vedette is an image consulting and beauty hot-spot in Doha where you can get an image that defines your status and lifestyle. From corporate to personal image consultation, La Vedette specializes in image consulting as well as bridal consultation, shopping and styling and of course beauty services.

QMIN tried and tested it’s Dermatude facial treatment. It is a special facial treatment without any surgical intervention and 3-4 times of sessions you can see a certain difference with this Dermatude Facial which lifts your skin and regenerates your skin. Especially for the premature aging skin which starts from 25 upwards, it is one of the must-try out facial treatment.


The treatment takes about an hour which starts with a deep cleansing of the face and scrubbing. It is important to start with a cleaned face to examine your skin and see the skin troubles closely. After this step, the facialist puts microfoliant which is made out of rice grain. It helps to exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. There is a steam session after which you feel relaxed and calm. Blackheads are also taken away by the facialist who adds additives, revitalizing the skin and after eliminating the blackheads, an oil-based massage facial serum enriched with essential oils that relieves and pacifies skin cures breakouts around your nose is applied. To add moisture to the treatment, a multivitamin power recovery mask is put on the face which boost the skin to be regenerated and filled in with vitamins. The treatment ends with a contour mask for sensitive and premature aging skin.

It is one of the most efficient treatments where you can see the glowing result on your skin after the treatment, it should be repeated twice a month. The service and treatment is something you will repeatedly go back to La Vedette for, since it is one of the most professional and relaxing place to do a facial in general.

Try it and let QMIN magazine know how your experience was!