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Experience the adventure of live-theater: Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel NYC

What is the world of immersive experiences? From the audience who become co-actors and co-creators, to the ‘transportation performances’, where the boundaries between performer and audience, set and reality are constantly shifting.

Sleep No More is an “immersive” theatre in which the audience is free to choose what to watch and where to go. This format is related to “promenade theatre” by all means the audience will be inside the McKittrick Hotel, walking through site-specific installations – (hotel rooms, cemetery, prison, 1930’s style bedroom & guest areas)  – choosing what scenes to see, creating movements and directing the scenario/plot by taking their own decisions.

Immersive Theater creates live experiences for the modern brain and the adventurous soul. Audience is the storyteller and the driver behind the experience.The performance will never be the same.

Combining insanely emotional performance of theatre artists, their elusive movements, real and thought-provoking pieces, realistic objects, installation and design – demonstrate its value for both pragmatic and aesthetic applications. Sound, lights and visuals, noteworthy for their unique and thought-provoking use of improvisation and interaction for exploring ideas and issues relevant to both participants and audience.

Gallow Green - Rooftop Bar

Gallow Green – Rooftop Bar

McKittrick Hotel has created a “total experience”emphasizing an interactive and improvisational theatre which can be empowering, effective, and affective for everyone involved.

Ultimately, “Sleep No More” is bold, brazen and beautifully executed, composed of one of the best ensembles in New York theater community.