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FitRepublik Dubai Cools Off With CRYO

The region’s only fully dedicated cryotherapy center, CRYO, has partnered with sporting facility FitRepublik to bring its revolutionary treatments to visitors. The state of the art athletic center in Dubai Sports City will now offer full body and localized cryotherapy treatments, aiding fitness aficionados and the health conscious with muscle recovery, athletic performance, and weight loss.

Cryotherapy, which involves painless freezing of the skin’s surface through exposure to extremely low temperatures (-120 to -160 degrees Celsius), is a world-renowned method to support athletes in their training and recovery. The anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscles, prevent soreness and cramping and even provide an instant energy boost. The treatment is also known for benefits such as cellulite reduction and increased metabolic and caloric burn- up to 800 calories in a single 3-minute session. A testament to its effectiveness is its extreme popularity amongst global sports figures, with superstars such as Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and basketball legends Kobe Bryant and LeBron James all regularly undergoing ice sauna treatments.


Benny Parihar, a partner at CRYO, commented on the partnership: “As a leading sporting facility in the region, FitRepublik is a great addition to our established Dubai locations. Cryotherapy has multiple benefits for athletes and having access to it right in the sports center will be an added advantage for all members and non-members of the facility. Integrating cryotherapy in an athlete’s routine increases their overall performance and productivity as it alleviates soreness and pain from their bodies post-workout and allows their muscles to properly recover in time for their next session. The treatments are also ideal for those looking to kick-start a weight-loss program or a healthier lifestyle, as it burns calories rapidly, flushes out toxins and boosts the metabolism simultaneously”.


Since opening its first facility in Dubai in 2013, CRYO has welcomed numerous local professional athletes and renowned personalities to try out its groundbreaking treatments. Among its athlete fans are Emirati Crossfit champions Shaikha Al Qassemi and Marwan Al Marri, UAE football team Al Shabab and Australian fitness specialist Eva Clarke. Introducing CRYO at FitRepublik is a continuation of the brand’s on-going expansion in the region and internationally, and will undoubtedly welcome a new group of enthusiasts to CRYO’s growing customer base.