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Frow And Blow Event

Last Friday, iconic Knightsbridge hair and beauty salon Neville launched the highly anticipated non-invasive facial workout, FaceGym and our editors were invited down to the exclusive, media-only launch party. Celebrities, bloggers and editors came running to the Frow and Blow event where they tested out the UK’s only gym studio for the face, as well as receiving a gorgeous blow-dry and makeup session from the best professionals in the business. 


We arrived at the event with a stomach full of nerves and a skeptical mindset – wondering both whether or not the treatment really was going to be pain-free and whether it would work. Very quickly our initial anxiety is quashed as we lie back into what can only be described as a dentist’s chair and await our treatment to begin.

Our therapist runs through the treatment for us, explaining every part in detail for us to understand and the long-awaited FaceGym treatment begins. Closing our eyes, the therapist removes all our makeup – however it’s important to note that eye makeup can be left on if you wish to pop in for a speedy treatment. Her soft hands manipulate serum onto our skin and begin to perform a firm massage on our face, pushing firmly into all the areas where wrinkles are more likely to form. Several lotions and potions are used to hopefully tone, tighten and lift our tired skin. Finally a gel is added to our skin and an electrical muscle stimulator is run across our skin (in the yellow directions shown above) to awake our facial muscles and as described, it’s totally pain-free – although best not to have the treatment when spots are surfacing.

The treatment lasts a hefty 25 minutes, however there is also an array of add-ons to choose from to elongate your treatment. It’s onto hair next and we find ourselves lying back in the basin whilst an apprentice soothingly washes our hair and pushes us onto a more senior hair stylist upstairs. Hair is transformed once again from lack lustre and dehydrated to bright, shining locks in a matter of moments and then famed makeup artist Ahmed replaces our makeup using a selection of MAC products.


And here are the results of our absolutely fantastical morning at the FaceGym Frow And Blow launch party. If you fancy treating yourself to a wonderful day of pampering then head on down to Neville Salon at one the below locations:

Neville Salon Belgravia +44 (0)20 7235 3654

Neville Salon Bulgari Hotel +44 (0)207 151 1055