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Grovemade Desk for Apple Accessories

Nothing shouts “smarten-up the workplace” like a black walnut keyboard tray

Using natural materials available in warm maple and walnut finishes; each piece is uniquely handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, ergonomically designed with attention to detail, from the cork-based monitor stand, to the desk lamp, pen pot and down to the paper clip holder. Ergonomic desk accessories this beautiful are sure to capture the heart of any technophile with a design bent. Grovemade says it has ‘breathed life’ into the workspace by designing everyday desk accessories in natural materials such as hardwoods and leather.

In addition to their visual attributes, the small ergonomic adjustments that items such as the monitor stand and keyboard tray provide can greatly improve posture. Grovemade builds some of the most beautiful things you can put in your work space, fusing elements like leather and wood to raise your desk game to the next level- literally and figuratively. It starts with the Monitor Stand, Laptop Stand or MacBook Dock, and wood and leather Mouse Pad. From there you can add lights, succulent pots, even keyboard and magic trackpad trays.

Available in walnut or maple, the Grovemade Desktop not only unifies your desktop aesthetically, but improves the efficiency of your desktop space.