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High Heel Workout

Sitting or strutting in stilettos often affects the natural muscle alignment of the body, leading to strains on certain areas such as the back, chest, and abdominal muscles. To maintain a good posture and lean flexibility, ICAN PT provides a quick yet comprehensive training guide to stretch and strengthen key areas

Recently launched in Dubai, premium personal training brand ICAN PT offers a 5* luxury approach to client fitness. With summer coming to an end and long office hours ahead, ICAN PT recognises the importance of feeling fabulous at work.


  1. Hamstring Stretch: Sit on the floor and stretch one leg out straight to the side. Bending the other knee, place the bottom of the foot on the inside of the stretched leg. Stretch forward, trying to touch the toes of the extended leg. Repeat again on the other side.
  1. Hip Flexor Stretch: Stand in a neutral position and adopt a static lunge position. Place the back leg on the floor and push the hips forward and can feel the stretch through the hips and pelvis. Return to the standing position, and repeat on the opposite leg.
  1. Lower Back Stretch: Sitting on the knees, stretch forward until the hands and forehead are touching floor; the stretch should be felt especially in the lower part of the back.
  1. Chest Stretch: Stand in a neutral position and place both hands in the lower back, where the back slightly curves inwards and push the arms to bring the elbows closer together.
  1. Back Strengthening: Exercises to strengthen the upper back will help maintain a straight spine and stop curvature of the shoulders. Try resistance band rows, cable flys and TRX rows; these retraction workouts will prevent weight bearing on the chest, instead balancing it across the back.