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Hotel Café Royal in Collaboration with Parfums Givenchy

 From Couture To Perfumery To Mixology:

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Hotel Café Royal Launches Brand New Collection Of Botanical Mocktails In Collaboration With Parfums Givenchy

Hotel Café Royal will launch ten new mocktails in collaboration with Parfums Givenchy, celebrating L’Atelier de Givenchy fine fragrances and, in particular the latest perfume in the collection, Iris Harmonique. All ten L’Atelier de Givenchy creations are exclusive to Harrods, and the hotel’s exclusive mocktail collection will be available in the hotel’s vibrant Green Bar, debuting from 22 August to 30 September 2016, priced at £15 (Dh71) per mocktail.

Hotel Caf+¬ Royal - Givenchy Cocktails - Oud (2)

Developed by Bar Manager, Derren King, the ten mocktails have been designed to reflect the creations within the L’Atelier de Givenchy fragrance collection in keeping with the Green Bar’s celebration of botanicals.  Marrying the world of scents and flavours, Derren has worked closely with Givenchy using their detailed perfume notes to create a collection of drinks that range from fresh, floral and summery concoctions, to headier, full-bodied mocktails, all paired with a selection of distinctive garnishes and glassware.

Hotel Caf+¬ Royal - Givenchy Cocktails - Ga+»ac (1)

Famous for the diverse history of the building and the bohemian intellectuals who notoriously frequented Café Royal, the Green Bar is a tribute to London’s history of using botanicals in mixology, carefully crafting concoctions that celebrate the individual character of each beverage, with the perfect garnish to complete the experience.  For this new collaboration, each mocktail will have its own distinct colour, personality and taste, reflecting the key perfume notes which are unique to the renowned Parfums Givenchy.  Highlighting the strong link between scent and taste, the new fragrances will be kept behind the bar for guests to experience before choosing their preferred mocktail from the list. The bartenders will talk through the fragrances within each mocktail, and will serve each alongside scented buttons created by Givenchy for this exclusive collaboration.

Mocktails include the summery Chypre Caresse, a delicious mix of exotic aromas of freshly squeezed grapefruit, agave syrup; Oud Flamboyant, impressively displayed with light smoke and honeycomb, with woody nuances, coconut noir iced tea, Manuka honey and flash flamed cinnamon.  The latest fragrance in the collection, Iris Harmonique, is embodied by a mocktail of the same name which incorporates key elements of the perfume notes. All mocktails are also available with alcohol.Hotel Caf+¬ Royal - Givenchy Cocktails - Cuir (2)

The Green Bar at Hotel Café Royal offers a luxurious and vibrant environment for contemporary Londoners and hotel guests alike to experience a unique range of outstanding drinks, expertly fashioned with a botanical twist.