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Innovi Clinic Talks Stem Cell Therapy At The Smallville Hotel In Beirut

The Balsamat association, in collaboration with Innovi clinic, held a big event for its members and friends to explain modern cell therapy techniques that could impact everyone’s beauty inside out.

The event held at the Smallville Hotel in Beirut was led by a group of doctors and physicians from different medicinal fields and all members of the Innovi clinic.



The clinic which owes its Lebanese kick off to years of research and practice in the United States, uses state of the art technology including a stem cell bank, to heal wounds and a wide range of body pains.

The Innovi team dedicated a big part of the event to beauty lovers as its lead doctor explained how its treatments are credited for their anti-inflammatory activity, ability to find and repair damaged tissue, and capacity to repair and recover quickly, with minimal scarring.


This rejuvenating technology can also “restore you to your ideal image, healing stretch marks, eczema, wrinkles and other blemishes to give you the skin, weight and shape you’ve been wishing for.”

For more information, contact the Innovi clinic on +961 1 427 426.