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Inside The World’s Largest Nobu

Nobu Doha is undoubtedly the most coveted restaurant in the city. Every night, guests flood to the enormous, three-storey architectural masterpiece for a taste of the highlife. The rooftop bar with panoramic views of the glistening skyline, is a classy spot ideal for a pre-dinner tipple or late-night party venue. Inside, the understated interior is a hit with residents wanting to avoid overtly-pretentious restaurants, yet still receive outstanding, perfectly-preened dishes. 

Nobu Doha does nothing but impress. A destination as a whole; the world’s largest Nobu is not just a restaurant, its the venue for an entire evening. The spectacular rooftop bar is a regular hang-out for many of the city’s rich list; oil tycoons, property investors, magazine editors and even royalty. Inside, the restaurant is the scene for multi-million dollar business meetings, desperately-trying-to-impress date nights and the odd magazine review or two. We’re welcomed into the spacious dining room with a friendly Japanese ‘hello’ from the staff and take a seat along the floor-to-ceiling windows.

We try the chef’s tasting menu (QR 450); a selection of delicious, differing dishes chosen by the Head Chef. Two Thai mandarin martini’s later and we’re ready to begin our culinary mission. We kick off with a selection of cold dishes; Hot miso chips with scallop, Crispy rice with salmon and Yellowtail sashimi. The yellowtail sashimi is one of Nobu’s signature dishes and as always, it was faultless in quality and flavour; oozing that all-important tangy, yet sweet flavour. The hot miso chips with scallop are a surprising highlight – a zesty little bundle of sumptuous scallops on a thin, wafer crisp topped with fiery salsa and jalapeños.

Next it was onto some New style sashimi, which as always was presented beautifully and every mouthful of tender fish fell to pieces. There’s something so clean and fresh about eating sashimi; perhaps it’s the avoidance of somewhat stodgy rice, or the vegetables filling our stomach. Sashimi truly is the best way to eat raw fish; the flavours are unspoilt, the texture is there, there’s nothing overpowering it; it’s just pure, mouthwatering fish.


Eventually hot dishes started rolling out left right and centre; Rock shrimp tempura, Soft shell crab tempura and Black cod three-ways. Dozens of dishes floated our way, all as expectantly good as we had hoped. The rock shrimp tempura with creamy ponzu is a Nobu classic – it’s a sin to visit Nobu and not order it! The succulent shrimp is coated in a light, buttery tempura that just melts away – and not to mention that delicious creamy sauce with a kick. The soft shell crab was a more exotic dish with the miniature crab soaked in a sweet and zesty amazu ponzu sauce to give it an extra depth.

Our highlight however, was a dish we had (surprisingly) never tasted before. Everyone has tasted Nobu’s Black Cod, but did you know that it’s possible to order Black Cod in three different ways? First is the notorious signature Black Cod – marinated in yuzu miso for a staggering three days. Second is with a hot Jalapeño dressing and lastly with a lighter, tangier Amazu Ponzu sauce. Each variation of the cod is pleasantly different and has its own, totally unique flavour. Definitely one to try again.

Nobu Doha

Four Seasons Hotel, West Bay

Reservations call +974 4494 8500