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Inside The World’s Most Famous Horse Show

Every year over 60,000 visitors make the journey to Horse Of The Year Show for five day’s of seat-edge action, lavish shopping and celebrity rider signings. It really is the most elite and exclusive event in the equestrian calendar with hospitality tickets priced at up to £269* per day. Luxury is a given with the unrivalled ring-side view hospitality boxes, serving exquisite evening meals and free-flowing champagne in a black tie ambiance. We go inside the World’s Most Famous Horse Show to bring you our favourite moments and experiences from 2016.

1. Book a ring-side hospitality box

Yes it is possible to purchase standard tickets, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, who doesn’t love free champagne? Relax and relish five days of fun with unparalleled ringside views from the best seats in the house. Arrive in style to the VIP car park – allowing you to walk straight indoors to your private box where a champagne reception will be held. Ringside fine-dining is a wonderful addition to the evening schedule as the atmosphere comes alive and the crowd begin to cheer. There’s a spectrum of supreme entertainment, including the famous Puissance – a jumping course that includes an enormous 6ft fence that continually grows and grows, knocking out horse after horse until a winner is crowned.

To book hospitality seats contact hospitality@hoys.co.uk 

2. Have a peak at the luxurious horse boxes

Coach builders showcase their most outstanding horse boxes yet at Horse Of The Year Show – hoping for a millionaire daddy to come round the corner and purchase one of their lavish creations worth up to £500,000! These luxury mobile homes feature pop-out sides to expand the inside space, stunning marble top kitchens, underfloor heating and extravagant champagne racks for entertaining guests. Peak inside Whittaker or Sovereign for the real wow-factor!

3. Watch the evening performance

The evening performances are spectacular; ranging from horse-ridden trapeze artistry to police horses jumping through fire flaming hoops. Every night there are different performances leading up to the big Friday and Saturday nights, when you’ll struggle to find a seat in the house! Sit back and relax, gawk at the incredible talents and skills of both horse and rider (with a glass of champers) and then do it all over again the following nights. Great entertainment for kids!

4. Stop by Lucinda Frances for your fashion fix

Never heard of her? It’s time you did – because this woman is a genius in the shoe department. The tweed jacket and matching ensembles may not be our thing, but the knee-high suede boots are something of a find. The Gucci-esque boots come in a selection of colours including baby blue, black (boring) and our favourite – grey and chocolate brown! We’re a little obsessed….

5. Watch the kids do their thing

It’s unbelievable to watch. These kids are upwards of 3 years old and they’re on a pony, all dressed up, trotting round a ring in front of thousands of people. It’s truly awe-inspiring if nothing else at all – we chose a favourite and cheered her around the ring as she smiled and patted her pony well done. Pictured above is 5 year old Hetty Rogers and Nynwood Fantasia – Supreme Pony Of The Year 2013.

To book your tickets for next year, visit the HOYS website here

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