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Joelle A Kurdy

“My work has survived the wave of information, and remains an unpredictable source of my imagination. My art is to explore processes allowing the instinct to have its say with personal integrity. Combining images with no relationship to each other, evoking emotions and creating a dialogue between elements in perpetual movement while keeping the conversation going.”Joelle A Kurdy

Joëlle Kurdy, born in Beirut in 1953, discovered her love for the Arts very early on and continued to experiment with different forms and styles. Having studied makeup and body artistry in both Paris and Beirut, Joëlle moved to Abu Dhabi in 1976 to establish the first Luxury Beauty Centre in the UAE; a haven where she has taught make up for over 3 decades and infused her passion and hunger for novelty with the wellness of the Arab woman’s beauty, mind, body and soul.

Having experimented with silk painting, charcoal drawing, acrylic to ceramics, water and oil painting, Joëlle has always harbored a passion for the Arts. Joëlle believes in playing with color, texture and media, stretching herself and her art exploring her imagination further and further. Having spent many years using the face as a canvas for her artistic expression, Joëlle is now transcending makeup artistry and swapping ‘The Face Canvas’ with ‘The Cotton Canvas’; a vast and empty slate, ready for her to spill her magic across it. I have witnessed the powerful changes art can make in an individual. Just one new idea can change a person’s perception. It has the possibilities of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas dealing with the unlimited unknown” As a trendsetter and entrepreneur in the UAE, Joëlle is a statement for women in the region. Having a profound interest in spirituality, healing and esoteric life experiences; the subtle nuances of human emotion and the return to self form a deep foundation for Joëlle’s art. Her work boasts a deep knowledge of shadow and lights, an obsessive attention to the detail as well as an imagination that leaves the spectator in a journey of never ending self-discovery.