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Healthy body Healthy mind – Healthy & easy to make blender recipes from Kenwood


Kenwood have developed this brand new blender with power, performance and versatility in mind.

Combining the unique MultiZoneTM Blade Technology with a powerful 1400W motor and six dedicated pre-set programmes, Blend-X Pro will blend, grind, chop and crush ingredients to the desired texture with absolute ease, every time.

Your desire to stay healthy and maintain a nutritious balanced diet is not always easy within your busy lifestyle. With this is mind, the collection of 25 recipes, providing some delicious ideas that will help you on your way. The recipes have been written by an expert in the field of nutrition who has provided five categories of recipes that will make it easy for you to fit healthier food into your day.

The categories include recipes that will help keep illnesses away, as well as those that will give you an extra pick me up. There are recipes that provide a cleansing detox and nourishment for your skin, helping you
to recover from the excesses of modern life.

Each recipe explains which programme to select to achieve the optimum results, so look out for the symbol on each page. In addition to the pre-set programmes, the variable speed dial and pulse function will provide you with all the control and precision you need. A stir stick is als_o included in pack to help combine thicker mixtures and smoothies.

Stay tuned for more recipes from the collection! #QMINLifestyle