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This One Korean Skincare Step Will Transform Your Life

 Merely scrolling through your Instagram, you’re bound to come across the infamous “sheet mask selfie” or some time lapse video of a beauty guru testing out a recent Korean skincare trend like splashing water repeatedly onto ones face (yes, you read right). The strange and beautiful ways of Korean Skincare have rapidly taken the beauty world by storm.

“The one step that Koreans owe their clear, glowing skin to…”

It’s rare to find anyone that uses the one step that Koreans owe their clear, glowing skin to. The concept of an Essence is unique and particular to Korean Skincare. This addition is taken very seriously and considered one of the most important steps of their skincare; so let’s see what it takes to glow like there’s no tomorrow…

An Essence is a product that is to be used after toning your skin, and before applying your serums or night creams. It is a kind of lightweight watery serum. So what’s so special about this watery extra step that seems unnecessary? The main purpose of an Essence is hydration and rejuvenation. Applying this step can help ensure that your skin absorbs your following steps to their full potential. Expect better results, and quicker too! After your cleanser and toner, your skin is likely to be feeling stripped – this step works to liven things back-up and restore your pH Balance. Unlike most watery skincare steps, this one performs best by patting into your skin with your fingertips! The warmth of your fingertips  help your skin to really drink this stuff up!

“Expect better results, and quicker too!”

If at this point you’re wondering “how and where can I buy this right now?” Well luckily for us, this isn’t one of those hard to find or really pricey products. The odds are that your favourite Korean Skincare brand already has one in its range. A couple of honorable mentions go to SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence and Mizon’s Mela Defense White Capsule Essence both of which can easily be found online and delivered via Aramex. Just pick one up, and pat your way to flawless skin!