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Lancome Makup Class

Last Thursday the Hilton hotel in Doha hosted a Lancome Beauty course with Lancome’s best makeup artist  and winner of the gold brush award, Dania Bawab.


The purpose of the course was to teach the best techniques for highlighting and contouring, contouring being the most popular form of applying makeup in the Middle East. Dania demonstrated the best tips for contouring and also gave important advice for skincare. Here are a few of the tips I learnt.

1. Behind any makeup there is good skin.

This is the most important thing to always keep in mind. Makeup is not meant to cover the face but rather to enhance the beauty of it. Good skin will make makeup last much longer. It’s in this way that Lancome products are not simply beauty items because they help your skincare, they are also apart of beauty daily routine.

2. Finding the perfect color foundation for your skin

Test the product on the lower part of your face. Don’t test on your hands. Hands may be tanned because they are continuously exposed to the sun therefore giving you an incorrect coloring.

3. If you have dark circle don’t use light concealers.

Your skin would look grey. Use the orange corrector for dark circles before applying a concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin colour.

I want to highlight two products that I’ve tried. The first one is “Genefique Yeux – Light Pearl” an eye illuminating and youth activator. Fabulous! The second one is “Teint- Miracle Corrector”, a pen which illuminates, covers and reduces the appearance of dark circles and imperfections.



In general, my experience with Lancome products has been fantastic. I appreciate all the light textures. I wore many layers of products but the final result was totally natural.

By Chiara Amodeo