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Lladró is one of the most universally recognized Spanish brands, most widely associated with culture and luxury

The work by Lladró has always been an expression of universal values, intimately connected with real people and their feelings, celebrating the best moments of life. Inspired by dreams and fantasy, traditions, literature and art, nature or everyday life, there is always a story behind each piece.

This new collection of lamps from Lladró Atelier has been created in collaboration with the Japanese designer Hisakazu Shimizu, president of the company S&O DesignThe lamps are inspired by historical Japanese characters and their unique hairstyles, on which the artist has based part of his work. According to Shimizu, Japanese history is full of wonderful hairstyles that convey a sensation of tension that speak of the characters who wore them. Porcelain is decorated in black and white with a gloss finish. The hat worn by one of the characters is also decorated with a circle of golden luster. The lampshades are made of Murano glass, and are inspired by the Sandogasa, a kind of wide traditional straw travelling hat worn in medieval Japan on long journeys when the face would be exposed to the elements for long periods of time. The lampshades are completely handmade with several layers of blown glass, some transparent and others in white. The smooth rounded base is made in satin black lacquered wood and comes with a golden plaque with the Lladró flower logo.