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Lust For Life – Fawaz Gruosi

“I think in volumes, I imagine in colours, I design in lights.” 

Fawaz Gruosi, founder and creative director of de GRISOGONO, a creative force, full of energy, known for a ‘lust for life’ that is as exuberant, opulent and celebratory as his creations. Creativity at de GRISOGONO is proliferate and spontaneous, stemming from Gruosi’s singular approach, characterized by impulsiveness, intuition and impatience, overriding all rules and conventions. Driven by his rich cultural background, de GRISOGONO is infused with a Mediterranean character that fills its creations and activities with emotion, purpose and intensity. Founder and Creative Director, Fawaz Gruosi is described by most as ‘daring’ and ‘able to push boundaries’, a trailblazer, ready to take risks in his quest for difference. He leaves his mark on every single piece designed for de GRISOGONO. This is what makes up de GRISOGONO’s iconoclastic, audacious and free identity, often enhanced by a touch of humour. Independent from prejudices and preconceptions, de GRISOGONO favours new ways of creating jewellery and timepieces and constantly rewrites the rules of the industry

In 1993, Fawaz Gruosi founded de GRISOGONO with two associates based on the rue du Rhône in Geneva, offering customers exclusive works of art and precious jewellery. The first challenge for the new business was to find a name, the right name in Italian. One of his partners mentioned his mother had originally been the Marquise de GRISOGONO. It sounded powerful, mysterious and aristocratic, perfect for the luxury and exclusivity they were planning. A few years later (1995), Fawaz Gruosi took the reins and acquired the sole control of de GRISOGONO to branch out on his own, to follow his own ideas, his personal vision for a new generation of precious jewellery. He loved and understood the jewellery world, so rich in tradition, yet bound by conventions, so often out of step with a fast-changing world. He took huge risks, embarking on a capital-intensive business on a shoestring.

What he did have, however, was a single-minded, driven passion for jewels and gemstones, an affinity with design, and a total dedication to perfection and innovation. He saw the potential of jewellery to be an exciting, relevant part of women’s lives. He saw too the creative possibilities of the gemstones that so captivated him, even, or especially those that had been neglected, or disregarded through rigid rules and classifications. That is how he started the first chapter for de GRISOGONO and almost immediate success that would give him strength and self-confidence. Since then, Fawaz Gruosi’s unique approach has been proven time and time again, resulting in ground-breaking styles, ideas and approaches that have since been emulated and admired. This has resulted in 22 years of ‘disruptive creations’, namely the art of continually coming up with something unexpected, appealing, original and new.

QMIN magazine’s editor meets Fawaz Gruosi at the official opening of de GRISOGONO new Dubai flagship store, in collaboration with long term partner, renowned Dubai retailer Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons. Mr. Abdulhamied Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and Mr. Fawaz Gruosi, Founder & Executive Board Director of de GRISOGONO were present to cut the black ribbon together.

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: The heart of our design is where the beauty of each creation takes precedence over any pre-defined boundaries. I am well-known for love of the finer things in life, a love of beauty, appreciation of aesthetics, and a restless spirit of adventure. I like to explore and think out of the box. My rich cultural background is the foundation that is part of my inspiration in the design and creativity, then the environment comes along with that. My driven passion for jewels and gemstones, an affinity with design, and a total dedication to perfection and innovation is the key to our exotic creations.

Q: What does the first boutique of Dubai Mall mean to you?

A: We have been working hard to get the space and finally to get to the stage of the opening. We are very excited to see the further development in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. We have the most loyal clients that loves humanity and intimacy with de GRISOGONO experience. Being closer to our clients and giving them what they deserve makes our presence more meaningful.

Q: Cannes Film Festival, you are the star of it, how did you start to create such incredible events and parties there?

A: Well, in the beginning years back when we started to plan a party and an event in Cannes, we were not famous for it and it was not easy to attract people to come to our party. Our first celebrity to attend the party was Sophia Loren I remember. Every year the party’s guest list got longer and more and more VIPs attended the party and yes, here we are! Now it has become the party and place to be during Cannes Film Festival. We have a great team and so much fun during these times, and we are honored to be part of the festival. We have the highest marketing budget to spend to cover the event at this time and press from all over the world is present to be at the venue. From Hollywood celebrities to our loyal customers, it is the place to be seen and socialize.

Q: What is so unique about your journey and life story?

A: I don’t think anyone can repeat the same history and journey I have been on, this is definitely something that is experienced once. I have been through the worst time of my life to get here where I am, and if you ask me again to do it, I don’t think I could repeat that. It is a hard work, luck, blessing and all that has come along with time and efforts, but of course the most difficult time also taught me alot of lessons and inspiration at the same time. My kids saw me growing the brand and they are also now involved in it and this is part of me and my identity of who I am that defines me. I do not regret anything but living my dream.

Q: Who are your clients and what kind of women are they?

A: Our clients are fabulous, fashionable woman who wants something different and unique. They are sophisticated and intelligent women who always seek for something new and chic. Timeless elegance and exotic design is a must – as well as precious gemstones. We have many unique pieces that is rare to see with any other brands.