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Maui Yoga Shala- Aloha Yoga

Maui Yoga Shala- Aloha Yoga with Nadia Toraman in Hawaii

By M. J. Von Knobelsdorff
Integrative Nutrition & Yoga
Health Coach

Hawaii and its 8 magical islands represents to me a piece of heaven and a hidden gem. It is now easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Sugary beaches and people, the Aloha Spirit, the scenery and greenery, the volcanoes, the fruits and the tropical breeze. Hawaii is full of surprises.

Living the Aloha lifestyle is a way to attain optimum health, peace, love and compassion in yourself so you can spread it to your world (LivingAloha Magazine, 2015). By honouring and advocating for all life by elevating consciousness toward healthful living practices that sustain the individual, the community, all animals and the planet (LAM, 2015). ALOHA, to learn what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable. What better place is there on earth to practice yoga, spoil yourself with a yoga retreat or start your yoga teacher training and surf , then Hawaii? We know how important it is to keep your body loose and moving. Moving our body energy is a key to longevity, healing and youthfulness. Our bodies are made up of energy.  

It is absolutely amazing how perfectly suited this ancient practice is for our modern world. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word for “connection” or “union”. A yoga practice connects awareness of the breath with specific asanas (poses), whose energetic effects are said to bring harmony & union on your whole being. That includes body, mind, spirit & emotions. Emotional release during yoga is healthy and many people experience this as something very positive and as a huge relief. Yoga has many health benefits. It does not only make your body and mind stronger but it helps to overcome and manage excessive stress in our daily lives, achieving happiness, good health and well-being. It is known for relaxation, rejuvenation for day to day anxiety and worry. It also heals neck and shoulder pain, including headaches, lower back pain, stomach and digestive issues, troubled sleep, including insomnia, mild depression and it is a great way to cultivate serenity.Besides all these many great health benefits yoga is also a lot of fun. It is for all ages, for all kinds of people, children, adults and elderly people. Yoga is an adventure whereby we engage in sacred fun. When we are playful, we can more easily connect to an overall sense of freedom. So be playful to better connect to your sense of freedom.

                                   Maui Aloha Yoga                                      

Aloha kekahi i kekahi – Love one another

 Do you want to feel your best mentally, emotionally and physically? Have a look at the yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings offered at the Maui Yoga Shala in Paia and Wailea, by Nadia Toraman owner and one of Hawaii’s best yoga teacher. She has many years of experience and her yoga classes are incredibly good and will make you want to stay in Maui.

Nadia Toraman’s Maui Aloha Yoga is her own special blend of Hawaiian ALOHA Spirit and alignment based yoga that encourages the body to burn fat and toxins, create strength and flexibility and build concentration. Her classes strengthen and purify the body and uplift the spirit! A typical class includes standing, sitting and reclining postures. Emphasis is on creating balance between strength and flexibility, assisting in the healing of the body and relaxing the mind.

Yoga has been life-changing for me. Since the first day, I have always kept with it. And what better place to practice then on the island where the spirit of yoga and the soul of Hawaii have so much in common. The raw, organic feel of nature, the connection between prana and mana, namaste and aloha, all contribute to finding the true self while healing and rejuvenating, and guiding us to deeper levels of awareness. “ (Toraman, 2016)

Nadia offers Yoga teacher trainings of 200H or advanced 300H and also 5-day yoga retreats. See what life on the magical island of Maui is all about! Come and experience the beauty and love that we feel here every day. Yoga, surf, adventure, and clean healthy eating for 5 whole days or for 4 weeks. For more information have a look here www.maui-yoga.com or contact myriamvonknobelsdorff@yahoo.com 

Instagram: @alohayogini (Nadia Toraman) @mauiyogashala_ (Yoga Studio).

This is a once in a lifetime experience! Make everyday count, Mahalo!