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A Work Out Machine That Promises to Get You Fit and Toned in 20 minutes?

So one may consider that, in the quest to achieve your ultimate fitness body, resulting to being ‘electrocuted’ for 20 minutes two to three times a week, may be a bit of an extreme decision….but then again the road to physical perfection is certainly not paved with candy!

W Doha Hotel & Residences has literally brought an invention to Qatar that can entice even the laziest and time-starved individuals to do just a 20 minute work out that pledges to leave you feeling like you have completed a combination of Circuit Training plus Cross Fit plus Zumba all rolled into one (!)


So, what is it?

The Miha Bodytec EMS machine works out eight different muscle groups simultaneously, and just with a turn of the dials the intensity can be increased as you get fitter over time. Consisting of wearing a tight-fitting black suit of cropped leggings and long-sleeved top, you are then required to slip on a jacket that looks like something you would wear for diving. Looped with wires (and pre-soaked), the vest, you, and a host of pads are strung up to a machine; then you are all ready for the most surreal 20 minutes of your life!

Miha Bodytec

With increasing the intensity of the electric currents (such a weird sensation of uncontrollable tingles and spasms) – although it never gets to the level of feeling uncomfortable or terrifying, the Miha Bodytec contracts all muscle areas for what seems like an eternity, but in reality it is just a mere four seconds. The contractions are coupled with a series of cardio and strength training exercises. So yes, you DO actually have to work out. After 15 minutes of side kicks, lunges, arm curls, squats, crunches, running on the spot and such, even if you consider yourself fairly fit, even though the movements are controlled and for four seconds at a time, you do find yourself breaking a sweat, feeling quite winded and water becoming your new BFF.

Miha Bodytec Suit


The last 5 minutes of the 20 minutes of the Miha Bodytec session is dedicated to stretching and engaging your muscles in a gentle massage from the machine. Which you can imagine, after experiencing such a work out, this part is certainly welcomed and extremely appreciated.

Be prepared! The next day and subsequent days to follow, your body could seriously hate you! Wondering what has just happened, every muscles and body part will seem to need to be retrained in the art of walking, sitting, and just general everyday movements that now seem to take considerably more effort and time then the previous.

Miha Bodytech - Stretch1

With muscles feeling like they have just woken up from a work out hiatus – and like mentioned before, even if you do consider yourself to be pretty fit and active, there are degrees of intensity that will most certainly leave your body feeling in shock, and a thus a couple of days required for recovery.

What is amazing however, is the instant feeling of knowing that your body worked out far greater in that 20 minutes then it could have done in an hour or two at the gym! Now who doesn’t like the sound of that? A shorter workout, with quicker results? Yes please, where do we sign up for more?


The recommended amount of sessions is between two to three installments per week. The electronic pulses that you feel are actually eliciting a contraction of the muscles and, therefore, the muscle fibers are being trained, so sufficient rest periods between sessions are advised.


The result advertised are: “stronger, toned and lean muscles”. There is more or less agreement on that promise, and it seems to be great for helping to stimulate and ultimately strengthen weakened or shrunken muscles. It also promises results for those who are keen on eliminating cellulite, with a whole different program available specifically for you to achieve a cellulite-free body.

If being wired up and ‘plugged in’ for 20 minutes, just the once, already produced feelings of ‘hot-body-in-progress’, then one can only imagine what the end results may be if you commit yourself to the Miha Bodytec two to three times a week. Progress is of course always measured by the physical changes that can be noticed in your body, but also it can be measured by the intensity level you engage in and consequently how much electronic stimulation you are able to increase in. The fitter you get, the more currants you can handle, as evidently your muscles are becoming stronger.

And, overall?

Miha Bodytech - Logo1

Miha Bodytec is certainly not the walk in the park that it may be perceived as. As summarized on the official website,

 “Miha Bodytec is a full body training exercise using impulse current. Muscles are stimulated through the electrodes while you do a series of low-impact exercises. This combined training leads to an additional increase of tension producing highly effective training results. The personal trainer can control each muscle group individually by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals.”

It is fitting that this electro-gym can currently be only found at the Bliss Spa in W Doha Hotel & Residences. A hotel which prides itself on being quick off the mark in having insight to the latest, quirky and innovative offerings; resulting in the hotel living up to its “Whatever/Whenever®” standards. Miha Bodytec sessions come with a one-on-one personal trainer at the hotels Bliss Spa.

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