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Must-Try Beauty Detox Treatments

We all fall victim to neglecting our beauty regime now and then. All that partying and over-indulging in delicious food wreaks havoc with our skin and hair, but the New Year is the time for a body blitz. Discover the latest and greatest must-try beauty detox treatments courtesy of Knightsbridge celebrity salon Neville Hair & Beauty. It’s time to get the glowing skin and shining locks of your dreams!

1. Smartbond Gloss Mocktail

It’s “dry January” for your hair! During the winter months, our luscious locks loses its glossy colour – enhance and enrich your colour with this bespoke formula of tone and Smartbond to strengthen hair. A hair treatment often used when colouring hair to avoid dehydration and dullness.

£150 for 30 mins

2. BB Cream Energy Boost

BB Crème All-In-One is an innovative new solution created to minimise hair products and maximise results. Yet to be unveiled at Neville, this combination solution treatment delivers great results from in hair reconstruction, fornication, heat-protection and restoration. The multi-tasking treatment smooths, treats and protects each strand of hair and gives post-party hair a re-boot!

£150 for 45 mins 

3. Venus Versa Diamondpolar

This wrinkle-busting treatment is praised by the face of Neville Hair & Beauty herself, Elena Lavagni. This custom-made treatment for the eyes, face and neck softens deep wrinkles and diminishes fine lines in a matter of moments. A diamond tip microdermabrasion removes dead cells and diamond polar treatment promotes oxygen in the skin to provide instant rejuvenation. Tone and texture of the skin are also notably improved by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The treatment ends with a facial mask and relaxing neck message.

£250 for 90 mins – course available upon request

4. Venus Legacy

Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite with this fat-busting treatment. Venus Legacy uses Varipulse technology to stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve the overall appearance of skin, as well as effectively treating deep layers of fat and cellulite. Give your lower body (legs, hips & bum) a 90-minute blast for £195.

Stomach £120 for 45 mins

Upper/lower back £120 for 45 mins

Back & front legs £180 for 60 mins

Bum £120 for 45 mins

Legs, hips and bum £195 for 90 mins

5. Art Foot Reflexology

Party season is a killer on your feet with endless nights spent in heels. Reflexology is an ancient therapy used to relieve tension in the body. It is a unique method using pressure with thumbs and fingers on reflex areas to encourage the body to completely relax. One session begins the relaxation process, improves circulation and rids toxins – proving to rebalance your body once again.

£50 for 30 mins

Visit Neville Belgravia at:

5 Pont Street

Belgravia, London