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New 360 Degree Youtube Technology Makes it Onto The Catwalk!

When everyone’s favorite streaming site YouTube announced that it would start supporting 360 degree videos, the fashion industry knew it would get its share of this tech innovation!


The video, shot with special cameras, allows you to pan your mobile to view all angles of the event or scene as if you were on location. If you are on a browser you will not miss out on this experiment as you can click and move the camera into any direction.

360 degree runway videos are already making their way onto the web, such as footage from the 2015 Audrey Fashion show in Los Angeles as well as the Melbourne Fashion Week.
To experience this new immersive technology, watch the Plitzs New York Fashion Week in China 360 degree video and make sure to rotate your mobile to embark on a fashion journey in what seems to be the closest experience to virtual reality.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGSgK69K_k
The next time you witness everyone looking at their mobile screens with awe, remember, you heard it first on QMIN!