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New Wellness Trend of Healing Through Sound

Continually evolving and working with the newest trends to draw accolades and devoted A-listers alike without is a philosophy that acclaimed, decades-old life-enhancement brand Canyon Ranch® embraces. Healing through sound may be ancient, but only recently has it once again begun to bubble to the surface of the modern world, finding itself gaining popularity with healing gurus and in wellness centres such as Canyon Ranch® Tucson in the United States

Healing through sound can be identified thousands of years back, in Central Asia where overtone chanting was used to effect the physical and subtle (mental) bodies positively. Sound healers today create frequencies and vibrations through tones to encourage brainwave harmony and synchronisation, which in turn can help patients to de-stress, enhance focus and relieve pain. Sound healing is a beautiful and effective way of quieting the sympathetic nervous system (our stress response) and activating the parasympathetic system (our relaxation response), which evokes feelings of peace, connection and harmony within.


Following and building on this knowledge Canyon Ranch® has created a series of workshops and services led by sound-healing specialists that utilise vibrations, sound and music to awaken, self-heal, harmonise and unlock unrealised potential. Using tools such as crystal singing bowls, voice and spiritual wellness guides, guests to leave the sessions augmented, balanced and ready to perform at their peak.


Each healing through sound workshop and service is a thorough and carefully created experience. With a number of options available to take part in, the “Sound & Spirit Workshop” (US$155; 12-person limit) is an ideal start, with sound-healing specialist Tryshe Dhevney teaching about the power of vibration, sound and music to unlock the infinite creative potential within, promote self-healing and inspire personal awakening. The goal is to awaken through vibration, voice and crystal singing bowls one’s highest potential, and provide guests with practical sound tools designed to put self-healing within grasp. These sound tools can be used daily to enable individuals to achieve inner harmony, optimum health and peak performance.

Canyon Ranch® Tucson is a destination in their own right, nestled amid some of America’s most beautiful natural surroundings in Arizona’s awe-inspiring desert. With the addition of these novel new workshops and services, there’s even more reason to book a stay and discover how this leading wellness brand can enrich the lives of its guests.