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Online Booking Platform For Salons And Spas

The Beauty Spot you cannot afford to live without!

Have you tried this online booking platform called VANIDAY where you can book for salons and spas online?It is just more than convenient! Download the Vaniday App today and see for yourself how easy making time for you can be!

UAE App screens with PRA timeless trademark, beauty spots define some of the world’s most idolised women. This naturally-occurring facial accent is viewed as a glamorous accessory that has been and continues to be regarded as a symbol of beauty throughout the world. It has become the signature look of beauty icons from Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford – and NOW Vaniday, the online salon and spa booking platform that is hugely successful in countries such as Brazil, UK, Italy, France, and Australia – and which has recently launched in the UAE. Instead of choosing a static icon such as a lipstick or a makeup brush, Vaniday chose to incorporate this small but significant universal symbol of beauty into their latest re-brand, inspired by the original supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

vaniday_phone_30 (1)The new-look branding has been unveiled to coincide with the launch of the much-awaited Vaniday App. Almost uniquely for a beauty booking site, the App is compatible with both apple and android devices and will allow the site’s users to access the very best spa and salon offers, as well as book appointments on to go – perfect for those with busy schedules.

For more information on Vaniday UAE, visit www.vaniday.ae