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Organic & Italian: Interview with Lorenzo Randisi – Cultura Pizza E Vita

What would you think when the restaurant, which is pure organic and at the same time serves authentic Italian Pizza?


Compared with most of New York City organic restaurants, which simply stick to the use of organic ingredients, this Italian eatery takes the concept much further…This includes the dining ambiance, interior design, tableware and even the selection of staff. Providing organic food is the base, but more importantly, an organic restaurant is a place where diners experience an organic lifestyle, pursuing harmony and nature. The gorgeous modern space created by Lorenzo Randisi bridges the organic and natural with elegance and emotive modernity.



Lorenzo Randisi

QMIN: Is it the authenticity, or is it simply how good you felt while dining here?

LR: I would vote for the latter and say that there are a few good Italian restaurants in New York which add that local touch, we still make pretty damn good Neapolitan Organic pizzas. It is unique dining experiences like these that add a little panache to New York’s restaurant scene especially when you are located not far from Little Italy district.

QMIN: What is the mission or vision of the restaurant?

L.R: Our mission is to create an original and authentic traditional Neapolitan pizza in the heart of NYC. We still believe there should be no compromise on what you eat. Which is why we ferment our dough for two days and use only sustainable & organic ingredients, hormone-free meats, and fresh produce as well as a diverse and fascinating array of Italian wines.

QMIN: Can you tell us more about Pizza method preparation?

L.R: The dough is made from scratch daily, fermenting for 48 hours before being placed into the oven for a 60 – 90 second bake. We would like to emphasize that we are having hand-crafted, high quality ingredients and lovingly prepare them with labor intensive methods. We also have daily fresh mozzarella which is hand-stretched  and in-house-made.

Home-made mozarella

QMIN: Once we enter the restaurant, we have noticed the menu which is written on the wall, which saves time to choose or to prepare your own pizza… 

L.R: If this speedy efficiency wasn’t enough to impress you, Cultura Pizza E Vita’s customers can custom-make their very own creations in 3 easy-peasy steps!


QMIN: Cultura Pizza E Vita’s interiors are all about modern contemporary Italian textures, can you tell us more about it?

L.R: As you see – a romantic setting with the furniture from the Italian leading design company Kartell , with the cool textured brick-wall, funky warm lighting and large windows onto Mott Street. The inspired design imparts a sensual feeling of comfort and lightness that redefines the idea of “contemporary chic”. We are combining creativity and technology, glamour and functionality with those dynamic color palettes, which give a contemporary twist to this place.

QMIN: The restaurant is modern if not chic, the wood oven pizza is amazing in the Naples style, and the service is engaging with a sense of festivity. What else would you need? 

L.R: In addition to this festivity, we are collaborating with PepsiCo’s line of revolutionary touchscreen fountain, which puts up to a thousand drink combinations at people’s fingertips. Pepsi Spire can pour up to 3 flavor shots, simultaneously, with any featured beverage. Pepsi Spire—the largest of which allows consumers to customize drinks in up to 1,000 ways—are displayed alongside prototypes for new vending machines and coolers.

QMIN: This is so exciting – a digital soda fountain! And as far as we know this is the first soda-machine which is available only at your restaurant! Do you see more restaurants opening up in the near future?

L.R: We are looking into Middle Eastern countries and focusing more on Dubai (UAE) and Doha (Qatar). There will be announcement soon and QMIN readers will be the first ones to know!

QMIN Magazine team visited Cultura Pizza E Vita as a destination of choice when it comes to Naples style pizza.  This is authentic Italian of the highest order. The Cultura Pizza E Vita is illuminated by the glow of an Italian wood burning oven,  a place where locals and tourists can gather and relax, and indulge with the thin-crust pizza made from imported Italian flour, tomatoes and homemade mozzarella complimented by a substantial list of thoughtfully selected Italian wines.