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PHYSIQUE 57 X Essentially

PHYSIQUE 57®’s Exclusive Collaboration with Essentially

PHYSIQUE 57® has partnered with Essentially to offer clients that extra boost of goodness, vitamins, and antioxidants, with the latter’s cold-pressed juices and other nutritious offerings. PHYSIQUE 57® and Essentially share a deep passion for what each does. Both brands talk the talk and walk the walk. Above all, PHYSIQUE 57® and Essentially strongly believe that taking care of the body is the best long-term strategy for maintaining good health.

PHYSIQUE 57® has recently launched three new Essentially juice flavors, each which has been specially selected to nourish all barre bodies. The Deep Green (for serious juice junkies), the Black Lemonaid (the dark knight of detox), and the Spicy Lemon (perfect for revving up your metabolism) are all exclusively available at both PHYSIQUE 57® studios in Citywalk and Al Thanya Mall.

There is simply no better way to prep pre-class, or refuel post-class, than with an Essentially cold pressed, organic juice or protein-packed, mineral-rich nut milk.

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