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Plastic Surgery In South Korea; Why Are Women So Obsessed?

South Korea is fast approaching the title of the plastic surgery capital of the world where 20 percent of women have had
some form of cosmetic work, compared to 5 percent of American women.

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Ji Yeo is a New York based photographer who has started a project called ”Beauty room Recovery”  in which she captures candid images of pre and post operation, with images in between of the things we usually don’t see in the glitzy VIP rooms of the mega clinics in central Seoul. 400 000 people are coming to South Korea for medical reasons, and this number is expected to rise up to 1 million by 2020.

The reasons women are getting their face forever altered is not for health reasons but for things such as weddings, engagement parties and just to look like someone different. You and I would most likely change our appearance for major reasons, be it lifelong lack of self-confidence or an unsightly hump on the nose, but women in S.Korea are going under the knife for a simple occasion.

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Gyalumhan Plastic Surgery, 21st Floor. Gang Nam, Seoul, South Korea

They name the reasons why they are so surgery obsessed due to celebrity perfection, altering one’s face is a social norm and another reason is the discomfort with having the Asian features, the number one most popular procedure to do amongst 18 to 30 years olds is the double lid surgery, in front of eye enlargement, a slimline nose and a very small chin.

Perfection is a heavily sought out look, with those seeking it often going through immense pain to achieve it. Is it worth it though? Or do these women end up looking similar and taking the whole point out of natural and individual beauty. Watch the video below and make up your own mind.