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Density in all its splendor. New Densifique from Kérastase brings a new dimension of follicle treatment for thicker, denser, more beautiful hair

KERASTASE 36358cFev2014simplif BD2The pioneer in professional scalp care, Kérastase, now has an innovative new range of products for men and women who are searching for thicker, denser hair. New Densifique by Kérastase reflects the brand’s belief that the scalp is the source of healthy hair and must be cared for the same way as the skin.

The Densifique range is designed to provide more hair density by awakening follicles that are dormant. Its powerful technology of Complex Glycan, Stemoxydine 5% and Vitamins B3, B5 and B6 combine for the first time to generate greater hair density, giving rise to thicker looking hair that has a new quality and improved vitality.  Complex Glycan comprises two natural sugars. These have been carefully selected for their restructuring properties and to mimic the action of glycans naturally present in the follicle and hair tissues. Glycans play a major role in the construction of the hair fiber, contributing to the quality and vitality of hair. Both Densifique ranges for men and women contain Stemoxydine 5% and the Complex Glycan, however, the Densifique Homme Cure includes a texturizing polymer for short hair, and the Densifique Cure for Men has a masculine fragrance.