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#QMINinsider From Portugal To Qatar

The Jeweler of the Jewelers

Every piece has its owning meaning and a story behind. A cultural inspiration and vision presented in the design of the jewelry, a connection between Portugal and Qatar in timeless pieces. Representing Portugal at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2016, it is her first time presence in Doha. Refinement and glamour are the main trademarks of her work and piece by piece, all of them have an unique charisma and a personality of its own. 

Her name is Maria João Bahia who has dreamed about the Jewellery and Diamonds World since her childhood… Mistakenly she attended Law College to quickly realize that her dream needed to be fulfilled!

After 30 years in Jewellery and Diamonds World, the Women, Wife, Mother and the Sabugosa Countess is a Lucky Charm for many. With skillful hands and with an interpreting ability above average, Maria João Bahia has the power to make all your dreams come true. With the noble title of Sabugosa Countess, Maria João Bahia was blessed by the Tágides – the Tagus river Nymphs – who gave her the most beautiful ability to transform nature into objects of contemplation… In unique jewellery in the entire world, in jewels that are born only once. The Tagus Nymphs blessed her and her creations to make them eternal in a moment. Hubert Guerrand Hèrmes, can witness the Maria João Bahia’s inner fire… Together, Maria João Bahia and her Tágides, eternalized the last roar of the most amazing lion in a jewel. Hubert requested the most beautiful necklace to his wife, that forever remember the last roar with the lion’s roar bone. Her Lucky Bones.


Maria says: “I am in love with pearls. Pearls of all shapes and sizes. The mystery of the Pearl surpasses our imagination, our creativity. The colour, shape, lustre of Pearls is so fascinating, as is the way they come into this world.”

“To make a collection in which the Pearl is associated to a jewel, is a constant in my work as, for me, the Pearl transmits security, subtlety and attitude. If we associate the Pearl, quartzes and Rubies, we have an explosive combination of sensuality, of love. The jewel becomes a symbol of purity, of light, of the mystery of life. It was based on these passions that I elaborated a collection of exclusive jewels for the Qatar fair. “Desert Jewels” Are unique and exclusive hand-crafted jewels. This is my way of working. Creating unique pieces, creating dreams, creating desires. Having clients that wear “jewels with attitude.”